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FSR 2012 Beta Mod Released

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Read the full article here.

    2012 Server:

    Name: Formula SimRacing.net
    No password.

    Please use this Thread to give us Feedback on the Mod and the physics (constructive please!. Have fun!
  2. \o/
  3. need instructions how to install it on rf2 beta .. :)
  4. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    I thought they were using rf1 for the start of the season due to rf2 not being stable enough at the time.
  5. Yes, we are starting with rFactor 1.
  6. facepalm :p
  7. If this is for rF1 why is it in rF2 forums?
  8. How do I install the mod cause I've downloaded it and it doesn't give an option to install? I can't open the file as well.
  9. Copy the content of the main folder (Gamedata, rFm, UIData) into the main rFactor folder.

    I hope we can use SimSync again soon.

    Edit: if you can't open it ... do you have WinRar?
  10. liked that mod nice worcks guys:p
  11. Good mod guys!
    But it feels like the front drives on a rails for a bit.
  12. Mod feels awesome. And the small bug we found David fixed it very quickly! Good job everyone who has been doing this mod, cant wait for my first race! \o/
  13. Thanks to you guys, both Ville and Phillipp!

    Edit: There is a bug with the dampers (slow/fast bumps/rebounds), don't use very high values at the moment (the range 1-10 seems safe), because the car can start flying :D we will fix this for the final release, don't worry.
  14. im going to test this mod out, im excited and i ain't even in this season, should be nice to see the difference between this mod and the F1RFT mod :)

    don't mind if i give my feedback on it david? i'll bug test this anyhow.
  15. No such thing as bad feedback.. :)

    Good job with the car from me aswell, I think it's fun to drive and easier to control thanks to better controllability in situations where you´ve nearly lost the last inch of grip. That means it´s easier to recognize the limits yet keep the car on the track.
  16. I don't know my way around Jerez at all and struggled to learn it :S

    I ran a few laps at Montreal offline and the mod felt great, well, until I find I'm 5secs a lap off the pace :p
  17. Chump.
  18. Server has disappeared
  19. Up again.
  20. I installed FSR 2012 Beta Mod to my rFactor folder. When I try to pick FSR 2012 cars from the menu, I get the following error message: "gMotor 2 Error: Error opening MAS file 2012\TEAMS\MAS\BRAWN.MAS". This file is in folder rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\FSR2012 Beta\2012\Teams together with folder´s having team names. If I try to pick the FSR 2012 cars many times in a row, the game crashes. What to do to make the beta mod work?