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FSONE F1 2007 1.00

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Patrick van Driel, Jul 20, 2008.

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  2. How does this compare to the MMG mod?
  3. currently downloading, though I should be in bed right now. Jesus Christ forgive me. Just want to check this out. Hopefully this is even a tick better than MMG 2007, although the MMG 2007 Mod kicks ass :)

    But if its true that FSOne2007 will come with a track pack soon, it would be a complete F1 Game for rFactor and also useful for leagues then.
  4. Not bad, but not brilliant either... needs a few tweaks to be made :)

    If you want to know what i think, have a read of my comment on rFactor Central (top one)

  5. LOL@The wheels seemed to be attached to the car via nuclear blast proof titanium reinforced carbon fibre

    You´ve changed the damage? How´s that? Any explanation what to do?
  6. LOL... great Mod. Installed it and now I get MAS errors
  7. Weird problem there... sure its all in the right place? e.g cars are in GameData>Vehicles>FSONE>2007>Equipos?

    Also, changing the damage is easy, ill upload my damage.ini, then all you have to do is extract it, then put it in GameData>Vehicles>FSONE>2007. Rename the original to damage1.ini and then put my one there.

    Edit: Also added screenshots of the bodged up car and helmet bending :p

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  8. I deleted my PLR folder, ran the config program again and launched rFactor directly, instead of using the FSOne shortcut on the desktop. Now it works. Watched the offline part a bit at Nurburgring. Unbelievable. The guys do mistakes. Nico Rosberg touched another car with his wheels and flipped into the air. That was an awesome accident.
  9. I just did a few laps while i should be sleeping as well :D
    Compared to the F1 MMG i thought it was easier to control and not so realistic view. Maybe my sleepy eyes :)
    Ill try again later today.
  10. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    MMG also released tracks for its mod :)

    Some are legal and some are not so beware!
  11. LOL and I wonder why the modder hasn´t been punished for it yet ;)
  12. So is this a better f1 mod than the MMG ??? is it worth me downloading it....:rolleyes:
  13. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    I remember when the mod came out complete with trackpack, Some of the very first posts were, Thats simbins Barcelona! :)

    Still it seems that didnt teach em anything, I see race 07 tracks in there aswell now.
  14. So far i must say i like MMG better then Fsone 07.
    I wonder if there is an agreement about the F1RFT mod ?
    That one is even better and a great trackpack.
    Not legal i think :cool:
  15. this feature is excellent:

    -- FSONE 2007 brings the option of adapting the ParcFerme to the Rule of 2008 Formula 1 Seasson , therefore in the last session quilificación do not return the fuel burned during the round.

    -- To Enable 2 Sessions Quilificación the Q1 and Q2, we have to edit our PRL File in the user profile Folder or the profile of dedicated server and activate the second and the third practice Seasson.
    --- PRL To be like This
    [ Race Conditions ]
    Run Practice1="1"
    Run Practice2="1"
    Run Practice3="1"