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FSOne 2008 v1.00 released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rob Shillito, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Downloading now, hopefully its good :)
  2. It gets very good ratings. I think we should use this at China... With MMG physics?
  3. Not bad... the main issue i have with it is that the cars are much too slow compared to real times and compared to the MMG 2007 mod. I went 4 seconds slower around Sepang in the 2008 Ferrari compared to the 2007 one. Some of the cars also seem to love to spin and slide whatever you do with them - feels like the tyres have no grip at all.
  4. That's why I believe MMG physics and FSONE cars should be combined.

    How are the sounds?
  5. Pretty good, didn't try many of the cars, but the external ones are the usual :)

    Car models are really nice, upgrades are cool, but the physics seem to let this down.
  6. FSONE physics were never the strong point, but they've certainly come a long way in overall quality since the 2006 mod. The models look fantastic and the polish is suoerb. Can't wait to put the new cubemaps on this.
  7. He, how well do the cubemaps work? Because I think I'm going to download them. Essentially, you get better light reflection, correct? I really need the for the SCC mod, those cars are pretty flat looking.
  8. They are great on some mods, not so great on others. I gave them a try on these and it didn't make too much of a difference so i just left the stock ones on in the end.

    One thing i can recommend though is using them on GTR2 and GTR Evo :D
  9. I would but to be honest I'm not sure I fully understand the installation process.
  10. Easy as you could imagine. For GTR Evo you need to rename the one you want to use to EMAP.dds and then place it in GameData\Teams.

    For GTR2 you need to rename the one you want to use to EMAP_PAINT.dds and then place it in GameData\Teams

    For rFactor its a little harder, you will need to find the .mas file that contains the cubemaps - on FSONE 08 this is called cmaps.mas and that is in rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\FSONE08SP. This changes between mods though so you may have to move them around a bit until this works. You will need to rename them too, most mods use CAR_CUBE.dds and CAR_CUBE_DX9.dds however i found that FSONE 08 uses FS08_CUBE_DX9.dds.

    Edit: If that's still confusing i will take some screenshots of where they need to go and what they should be called :)
  11. Love FSONE 2008. 1.0B out. Raced online for first time seems good.
  12. I installed the MAS editor, ran it, dragged and dropped CAR_CUBE.dds and FS08_CUBE.dds into the editor for the .mas files in vehicles, FSone 2008 SE and FSone 2008 SP, yet the cars look no different.

    What am I doing wrong?