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FS/WTT Frex SimConMotion Cockpit

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by MoAK, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. MoAK


    FOR SALE OR TRADE is my Frex Cockpit, sadly I am moving for work and can't take the cockpit with me.
    I will part it out since I know most of you have cockpits already.
    Everything Works perfectly and I can demonstrate if needed.
    I have included the price of what it cost new so that you can make me an offer that is intelligent, but I am going to be very fair on my pricing (anywhere to 40%-60% of original price, and if you bundle I may throw stuff in for free)
    What I have is:
    Frex SimConMotion (with Damper kit)
    Frex SimConBase (includes Frex Dead pedal and Frex keyboard holder)
    Autometer Analog Tachometer w/Shift Light
    For all of the Above It would cost New $2900+ not including shipping from JAPAN!!!
    Frex H-Shift New $484
    Recaro Seat New $800 (also willing to offer it in the Frex SCM for much less)
    Gstar 4 Point Harness (used to keep you as snug in the seat as possible to feel the motion more) New $80
    i-Vibe (better than a buttkicker, you cant see it in the Pics because it is hidden in the seat cushions, new $180
    CST Pedals (With Rubber break Mod) New $550
    Logitech G25 Wheel (modded to work with the CST pedals so that there are more buttons on the wheelbase there are 4 more buttons on the base of the wheel)
    Includes the G25 Shifter (I use it as a Sequential Shift) and G25 Pedals (Modded to be used as a Handbrake)
    TripleHeads2Go setup w/3 dell 19" monitors'
    I will even throw in a a Table
    Also for sale is my PC its not bad plays LFS very well and is the game I play most when I used the cockpit

    I know What I paid for everything and am willing to take any good offers, but everything is up for negotiation and willing to bundle I Live in Central NJ

    As for trade I am looking for mostly apple products, like a (NO G5) Mac Pro, Mac mini, Macbook Air/pro, iPad, AppleTV, iMac and accessories
    Also looking to trade for PS3 System, LCD/LED TV, Maybe even a Car/SUV
    PM me and I will give you my Phone number and maybe we can work out a deal.
  2. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Wow, something for sale in the States finally!!! In the same state to boot. Really looking at those CST's.;)