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Front wing

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by dazzadp, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Is there any time to be gained from adjusting front wing? I know lower than rear creates understeer and higher than rear creates oversteer, but does either give you better lap time? Also the Australia circuit description sais "underteer" to master this circuit, can someone please explain this comment?
  2. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The reference to mastering understeer is a reference to the low downforce nature of the track. Because the circuit is basically a series of straights with 90 degree corners at the ends it's a but 'point and squirt'

    This type of layout means most of the time comes in a straight line so high top speed and low downforce are required, which leads to understeer in medium and high speed corners and on the curved straights.

    Those curved straights taken at full throttle mean you can't really go too low at the rear compared to the front our there car will break away at the back in those corners and the car will suffer high tire wear at the back. That might buy you faster 1 lap speed but in the race could cost an extra pitstop.
  3. Ok, but in the stat screen for australia its graded as a high downforce track? Is there a 'general rule' for setting up front wing?
  4. In this game, I run almost every track with 10/11 wings (we're talking about top teams, not HRT/Virgin/Lotus). It depends on your driving style but I don't think any of the fastest guys around here use 11/11 wings or 10/10 or 11/10.. They all use more rear wing. Actually Victor is playing with an understeering car. His setups are something like 7/11 but I don't like that. Anyways, you have to find by yourself. Mind that the higher rear wing you put - lower acceleration and top speed you get. It's as simple as that. :p
  5. If you keep Front wing 2 to 4 and Rear around 5 to 8 it give you Straight Line speed but your Car may get Little Understeer and you need to cope with it but that may yield time in tracks with Long Straights
    My Suggestion keep Front wing 4 and Rear 10 and you may have Balanced Car cos i actually use this kind in my Races in tracks with Long straights and it also makes some time when running Standard or Lean Mix in race
  6. 4/10 wings = low cornering speed + low top speed. That's one hell of an understeer you'll get there... Like I said. It varies but most of the people use 10/11 on almost every track. People that can't drive an oversteering car make it 9/11 or 8/11. I actually use 8/11 for full wet conditions but many drivers just can't drive a car that doesn't have a rear end which has enormous amount of grip.
  7. Well i didn't have understeer Probably due to High Over steer settings of Wheel
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Thats overdriving your tyres Kartik. Something else than oversteer. In a normal simracing game you would completely shred your tyres with it :)
  9. Probably Bram but i was capable of doing it in tracks like Valencia and Silverstone
    And F1 2011 was not a Sim :(
  10. Just a quick question Kartik - can you make a opt-opt-pri run on every track except Hungary with your setups? Of course I'm talking about reasonable speed, let's say the mid pack of a club race. Or a two stopper in a 100% race?
  11. In Malaysia and Spa tracks i think my tires are out of life so i need to opt for O-P-P
    And the Settings of My wheel is Steer Saturation - 50 and Linearity 25 it was Giving me the Max Over steer for me.
  12. More front wing compensates for extra fuel and gives front tires a bit of a rest in fast corners. Of course, you'll have very pointy car in fast corners and have to be very careful with steering. In Nurburgring i ran 8/8 wings, for example. It sucks in qualifying because your cars tank is empty but in the race for me it is best, giving perfect rhythm and saves my front tires. Even on dark brown tires i can lap in low-mid 27s and only just before stop low 28s.
  13. You shouldn't tell this :)
  14. I'm not telling my setup for Hungaroring :) On which I can lap mid 17s on primes :)