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Front Engine vs. Rear Engine Setups

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Dana Ciul, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. After two weeks of experimenting with GTL I think I have a pretty comfortable setup for my GTA. My lap times at Laguna Seca are right at the two minute mark. The rear engine cars like the 904 GT are still a mystery however. They are too unstable no matter what I do. I can consistantly lap faster in the Alfa. The Porsche tends to break away dramatically and no amount of correction will save it. Any general suggestions for this?
  2. For me it's always best that i have the brake bias for front-engine cars on 57:43
    and for mid-engine it's 53:47. Also increasing the coast will help stable braking. :)
    And of offcourse blipping the throttle will also make it more stable. :)
  3. That's how you get the Corvette so fast Ivo! You have more brakes than anyone else :D
  4. Me driving the Corvette is maybe not a good example. :D
    But fixed it. :wink2:
  5. I find the Porsche's the most difficult to drive, especially in regard to the rear end letting go. Because all the weight is at the back, once they let go, it is almost impossible to save it, the momentum just swings it round. The 911 is the toughest in this regard. However, the Porsche's will hang on really well up to that limit, so with the Porsches, I find you just need to learn the limit, and keep just below that.
    Many of the other cars in GTL are much better to save the slides as you can feel it happening and correct by throttle level or wheel correction.
    Suspension adjustment in the setup can help too. By softening the rear, you can make it less likely to let go.
  6. Sadly the 911s have radial slicks which are the least forgiving tyre in GTL. The original 911 RSRs had an 80% power 80% coast diff lock setting which does help to tame them a bit but you've still got to be careful.
  7. Okay on the steering and coast. I think I'll stay with the Alfa for a while. It is a pure joy to drive not unlike my real one. I tend to push the Porsches too hard just because you can. That may be what is getting me into trouble going into the corners. I've read several sources that described the 904 as one scary car to drive at speed. My profound respect goes out to the drivers (Siffert, Hermann and Elford etc.) who were so brilliant in those cars.
  8. Ok 911:
    brake bias:
    power coast I remember something like: 80%/50%

    Just a vid when I was still in NGR league:

    Behind Pero_grozni who's an alien...

    The 911 just suits the Hungaroring, just like I do :).