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From Sketchup To BTB?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by danwilkie90, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. I made a simple house on Sketchup, exported it as a .dae file, went to Xpacker and tried to add it as an Object but it said "Nullable objects must have a value", what does this mean and how do I fix it? Does it work better if it's a .3ds file instead? Because, I tried to import it into 3ds MAX and it came up with 2 errors about being unable to "parse" the file and find the library...

    It's never simple is it ¬_¬...

    I also want to make kerbs/pavement because I just cannot find any anywhere! Although I'm not sure how to make them into Sobjects if I do manage to make them at all...


    - Dan
  2. Now I'm getting "TODO: Mesh Parts have different vertex buffer definition", how on earth am I supposed to know what that means and what to do about it!?
  3. There's a series of video tutorials here. You'll find out if you're getting the procedure wrong, and that can help to narrow down the problem.
  4. All the vid's Ive seen have no sound & seem to be in semi-fast forward mode.....
    Would love to see one I understand rather than building & trying & hoping....
    Would like even MORE to know where Ive gone wrong!
    If a 'Mr Fix-it' can tell me where Ive gone wrong I'll PM a link for a viewing & advice.....(NO, don't fix it, just point-Ive gotta learn some how!)
    Thanks in advance,
  5. ebrich


    Be glad to take a peek Lee. Help me stop thinking about 3D SimEd for a while! Have you ever managed to get an object from Sketchup to XPacker or is it just this model.
  6. This is my first time using sketchup, but success! I've figured it out, the key thing to remember is it HAS to be Sketchup 6 specifically, it's the only one that works, then you can just follow and understand those video tutorials because that's the version the guys using in them.

    It's pretty awesome tbh, very easy to make things that looks exactly how you want and now I can make my track: A sprint through my home town, out into the countryside and finishing in the town next to mine, using real roads :p Hehe, wish me luck! lol
  7. Note! Before doing ANYTHING in Sketchup, import your own textures on to it. Don't EVER use the default textures. The reason: every time you paint with default Sketchup textures, it makes a new material. That is a new material to every non-divided surface. You'll easily end up with hundreds of materials and the game says then "noooooo..." First, do a texturepack containing basic colors, 32x32 pixels is the minimum size, use that in every new design. You can change the textures after 3D shape is formed. SU won't show how many duplicates it uses so you have to manage that yourself.

    I don't know if it is only SU6 that does this but SU wasn't designed for modding and games. Later, you may need to draw lines to make the polygons like you want them to be, they are not optimized for games or further modification in mind. When doing SObjects that use "vertices follow the ground" you pretty much have to draw every vertice by hand. Fortunately, those objects are lopoly anyway, so it is not a big deal but a necessary process. You can check how the actual shape is formed by importing an object to BTB and vieving it with wireframe mode (W cycles the different view modes). The choices that SU makes are not always what you would think they are.

    Also remeber to paint the reverse side of faces with a texture that is used somewhere in the model, use Shift+Click to paint all of them at once. The reason: if you don't, you'll end up with one unused texture (ForegroundColor) that neither the game or BTB uses. This is probably to make SU exported dae files compatible with SU.. Weird but true.. There are some track out there that have blank duplicate textures because of this. You cannot delete that texture in XPacker as it is still asigned to the model, you have to do it in SU.

    EDIT: more tips... Design the basic shapes not using the "Shaded with Texture" but in "Monochrome". That way you see when SU decides to reverse a face.. That can happen anytime. I've had reverse face appear with single flat quad and inserting a new vertice (line). It has some sort of algorithm based on the direction of the line drawed and to this day i haven't been able to figure it out. But for ex, if you draw a single flat circle, it is reversed (SU expexts that the newly formed circle is going to be expanded to 3D shape, ie the formed circle is underside of object. Very frustrating and it happens all the time so at least check once in a while how the faces are arranged in "monochrome" view mode.
  8. This forum has 'dislike' and 'disagree' features, but it's not much use of people don't explain why they were used.
  9. ebrich


    Yea. I got a dislike from Nahuel Aquino. Would love to know why he would dislike that.

    Really weird!!