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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by gumis_rulez, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. I have made a track in Cad - is there any way to convert it to a track? Bob's track builder is not a very precise. It's very hard to make the exact track as I have made in Cad. Is there any other way to make a track for rfactor? Is there any possibility to convert the cad file to bob's track builder?
  2. how is the cad program saving the data, if it DWG file i think simed can load it.

  3. The method i use to import CAD file in BTB is:

    1) move the track near the origin of CAD software

    2) join in a polyline your track center line, then with command "divide" select an high number of part to divide it (try the best number, it depends on lenght). Doing this u will have a lot of points of your track. Cancel all the other objects, keep only the points.

    3) Save this file as DXF

    4) Use "dxf works", it is a software that can extract coordinates from CAD point and can export them in a txt file. Open the dxf file and then export the txt. Rename the file (for exaple track.txt in track.csv)

    5) open BTB and import track using "import from csv"

  4. Which CAD Software you was used? Most of 3D CAD (like SolidWorks) are able to export for example *.obj. This can import on 3dsmax and export for example as 3ds for objects . But in private, CAD isn´t a good way to build a track. that´s wasted time of your life...