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Frex sequential shifter, ISR review, looks the part.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by David Ignjatovic, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I been using this shifter for over a year with my G25/CSP/Obutto triple display rig and like Shaun said in the review, it's built to last. One thing is at the factory default is that you will have to muscle each shift with your arms, no wimpy wrist flick :rolleyes: . I just luv it. Also there is a known issue when used with the Bodnar USB controller interface unit (also with some others that uses the same chip as the Bodnar). With the Bodnar USB interface it can occasionally miss shifts. I have mine connected to the Bodnar SLI-Pro and it works 100%. It will work also with the SLI-M display 100%.
  2. Awesome.....exactly the type of feel I suspect most want.
  3. Curious why this thread is so quiet, as the Frex shifter not only seems outstanding, but isn't that expensive, not when u consider how well built it is.....
  4. I'm just drooling silently :D

    It might not be expensive for what it offers, but it still is a decent chunk of money for my standards.
  5. Maybe so, but compared to the flimsy shifter in the standard G27, it really kicks ass and seems to be so well built you can literally slam it into gear, and to me at least, that's what a real fun shifter should allow for....admittedly, this will be a sim rig only product.