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french and the x1

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by kelaroost, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Is there some kind of cheat going around ?
    Its five times now ive seen different french guys who have the x1 car but everytime ive spoken to them they never respond to my questions.
    Is that down to them hiding somthing i dont know ?
  2. French people dont have a life and play 24/7 I guess

    They are so busy playing the game that they can't answer your questions :p
  3. Talking about the x1, here is the video of vettel driving it like a beast :p

    *edit* not like a beast :p, like the beast he is at racing
  4. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I here if your b driver gets to lvl 35 you get a x1 as a reward

    All Bronze > Vettell Red Bull X1 (Red Bull Racing stripe)
    All Silver > Red Bull X1 (random paint, selling for 20million credits at Level 40)
    All Gold > Red Bull X1 Prototype (very cool stealth model)
    In B-Spec, getting to Level 35 rewards Vettell Red Bull X1.
    X1 Prototype is black carbon (like Stealth model cars)

    Not sure if this is true but it would explain a lot.
    Im never doing the challenge not with my hand controler ive allmost zero chance.
    Ive been trying for hours and i keep messing up i just dont have the skill without a stearing wheel to use.
  5. I currently have gold in the first 2 events but only bronze at suzuka (some 4 seconds off gold), it is very difficult but very doable to achieve. I managed lvl30 Bspec which unlocked the sebastian vettel challenges, suzuka is extremely difficult to match the time, the other 2 are very doable though to even get gold. You gain a massive ammount of experience for completing the challenges, i went from 27-32 and it will likely take me to 33-34 if i manage to gold suzuka at some point.

    The car isnt really very enjoyable, even on 1 FFB the forces are very very strong (shakey and alots of rumble, you need to grip the wheel tight) and the car can be annoying and even tiresome to drive, it is extremely fast but as a result extremely sensitive. Personally i don't really like the car, and have not really driven it much. Averaging 300mph at indianapolis gets boring after about 2laps.

    There are a few different ways to get the car, i have the X-1 Vettel with the red bull F1 car colour scheme.