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Freezing/stutter on PC

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by glenniez, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Not sure if this is happening to others with similar PC specs. I done some searches but they seem to be on older versions.
    During career I'm getting a very noticeable freezing or long stutter of 1-2 seconds(so far in clear weather) this normally happens only once or twice in a 50% race the rest runs smoothly.
    And it will happen when its a clear track or coming out of a corner. It is a visual thing the audio seems to continue without the freeze(if i remember right)
    I running mostly on ultra settings, with blur turned off and v sync off. Getting around 50 or more fps minimum.
    I don't notice any other frame drops otherwise even in heavy traffic.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
    PS, I tried on lower settings but it still happened so went back to ultra/mixed settings

    PC SPECS: I7 6700(non k) GTX 970(tried stock and OC'd settings) Driver 372.9(was happening on previous driver too)
    16 gb ram installed on HDD win10 anniversary. 60hz TV
  2. My PC specs: I5 6600k, GTX 970OC, 16gb ram with Win10 on 24inch monitor . Really not much differance between our two rigs and I have not experienced your issue's. I'm also running everything on ultra with blur turned off running solid at 60fps will dip to 55 on Baku at the start of race but thats it. Have you tried it out on a different display. I also have lots of background apps that run on windows 10 by default turned off.
  3. Well I probably do need to brush up on my search skills, however I should of been more clear I did look at the CM forum but they seemed to be on older builds. It does seem there is some newer posts now (admittedly not checked today)
    It does look like some are still getting issues or applying different possible fixes, I've tried fresh drivers the xbox DVR thing but still experienced the stutter.
    I've seen now v1.6 is out with some bug fixes, I will try today and see if the issue is still there.
    I thought l would see if anyone @RD was having similar issues, it would seem not so maybe it's something on my rig.
    If RD feels like the tread needs to be closed, then sorry my bad.
  4. The problem has been there since day of release. The huge post on the CM forum about stuttering contains people's responses from every patch that has come out since. The problem is that CM says in that post that they cannot duplicate the issue on hundreds of different machines they have. If they can't duplicate the problem, they can't work on it and they can't fix it. They've asked people to send in DXDiag data because they can't see it. Basically, they're not addressing it as an issue because they don't see it. All of that has been reported since release day there and elsewhere. I'm sure that many of us who have been suffering the stutters and have been following this since day one are tired of talking about it and rather than repeat the current state of the affair to every person who asks the question, it's best to route them to the official support site and remind them that Search is your friend. I've seen people (especially on Steam) piss and moan when they post the stutters question anew and no one answers immediately (and there are several identical posts that appear on the same forum page as theirs).
  5. Yeah I take your point, I've just got the game on V1.5 so understand players are probably sick of hearing about it. Well it hasn't happened today on practice sessions on v1.6 but could just be a coincidence as this only happens 1-2 times a race.
    Just out of interest I've changed mirror reflections only to high and got a massive bump in minimum fps (61 from 50) everything else is the same which seems a lot for for one setting to me.
    Anyway it probably has nothing to do with the stutter but thought it was a good fps boost for little or no visual loss.
    So I'd recommend it regardless.
  6. You're using NVidia drivers so a recommendation is to turn off in game anti-aliasing and use the NVidia drivers own FXAA anti-aliasing specifically for that game ( in the Manage 3d settings , Program settings part of your driver utility ) . FXAA is much more performance friendly than the AA types that come with the game and is often included as an option inside games themselves ( games like Skyrim , GTAV etc come with an FXAA option ) and to me looks pretty much as good as the other forms of AA but with huge performance benefits . Yeah , under a microscope the other forms of AA might be fractionally better looking , but the performance trade off compared to FXAA isnt worth it especially when FXAA looks pretty much just as good to the naked eye , especially in a vehicle thats going 180 mph .
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  7. Sounds good, I'll give this a try.