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Freehand Track

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by QuadCoreMax, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I made a cool little 42 km drivable city, which I think you gonna love it ! The name comes from the application Freehand (ancestor of Illustrator) which I've used to generate the whole street network layout with just 1 curve. The rest was done by applying scripts to geometry, most of the work was checking UVs & textures.

    I've optimize the city, so for example, in my modeling scripts, I had some checking conditions to get rid of hidden/lost polies, so the final result ratio is something like 50.000 polies / 42 km which represents really nothing...(without terrain)

    I hope you'll like it, sure, I can make it 10x times more detailed & better, but than I would end up with less streets per poly...





    Please consider donating as it take lots of time to develop

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    FreeHand City Download
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  2. Thank you man for this great addiction. Gonna try and find inspiration to model finally my own model of track.
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    ^ I'm trying too, I'm finding it easier than cars but I still don't know enough. What's the best way to do roads? (zmod capabilities preferably :tongue:)

    It looks very interesting QCM. With more detail it'd be perfect for taking screenshots :)
  4. Sweet, ty for releasing. :)
    Time to spend some time in multiple muscle cars! :D
  5. Nice job QCM. This would be a good track to test traffic on (if we could ever get any documentation..). I get good framerates and I like the fact that it's not a simple square layout.

    Alex Forbin
  6. What FPS are people getting at the start point?

    I get about 45-50fps tops...

  7. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm... i get ~20fps with a HQ car and Grafiks at Full Power....
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3,2GHz 4GB DDR2, GTS250 1GB, 1920x1080
  8. Good job QCM! The tod was a little too bright so used my tod curves. Enjoied driving over the hills outside of the city and a great run round the edge of the city. Buildings could use a bit more detail/color.

    Getting about 85 fps with GTX285.
  9. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hi QCM,
    i have a question, why do you use for trees the "old" tree shader? The "new" X_tree shader looks a way better...

    your shader:


    x_tree shader:


    ...the rest of the track is a realy GREAT Work!
  10. The city-gen scripts really are quite cool when you see them in action.

    I'm not sure what QCM has used, but you can get some fairly nice automation going to fill large areas. It'd be cool to keep enhancing it to add more variance and stuff :D

    It reminds me of how cool the old PGR games were. PGR2 was my fave, the Edinburgh circuits for example... stunning for their day!

    Everyone seems to be going for race tracks again which is a bit boring really. City tracks are rather cool, always remind me of Getaway in Stockholm stuff :D

  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    +1 Dave. I love doing laps but I'd much rather explore a nice big interesting track, and online would be nice too (especially if we had traffic lights, is that possible?)
  12. Thanks for all your comments :)
    Thanks Alex, I already changed it, my bad...

    Here's the change you have to make in track.shd line 125 :

      ; Tree fake their normals pointing up
    If you play this city map on older versions, remember to copy/paste those 2 cg files to ..data\renderer\shaders

    Yeah, since you asking Dave, here's the list :

    1. Freehand Mx => 2 curves blending, 1 hand made + 1 straight line in the middle of the map / export as AI file
    2. Illustrator => for conversion only to DXF format
    3. City Engine => imported the 2D layout thru DXF import + assignment of my own CGA script
    4. Vue 7 => Heightfield Terrain Editor => for the outer terrain, was baked to polies & then edited in Maya (relaxed polies)
    5. Maya => to combine/merge & create the connection terrain + verify/fix little things (planar re-projections for all streets)
    6. Max => for conversion only from FBX to ASE format
    6. Tracked => to do the final stuff, ideally, I'd like to implement more, but that isn't like CE quick random generation of objects

    In most cases, I've just used some of the program functions & finally merged the whole, before exporting as 1 ASE file for automatic Tracked splitting process. The whole process of creation was really fast & that's a good thing to know !
  13. Can anyone reupload the track please? Because there is a ****in' megaupload link

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  14. Thank you man :)
  15. you're welcome :)
  16. The track looks awesome from the screenshots but I have a problem.... :confused:
  17. It looks like you have modified the motion blur options in your racer.ini file.