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Free driving : why not continuous . . . I get end of race display each lap

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by patrickb, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Each time I select free driving and complete
    While "Free Driving" after the 1st completion the Finish track display appears with waving flag.
    How do I stop this under free driving?
    I'd like free driving to be without the finish display . . . so I can lap it as much as I want . . .

    Racer OS X 10.5.8
  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    look in to the Racer.ini for " ; Maximum race time (in seconds)
    max_time_race=0" set it to 0
    ..have Fun!
  3. I tried this yesterday.. and I'm sure it worked.
    Today it won't work on any tracks.
    Any ideas?
    Also, Should it work with point to point either 1 or 0?
  4. Try setting the number of laps (in the menu) = 0 which gives "never ending"
    Point to point is for tracks that aren't circular like polish roads. You can check the special.ini and see what it's set to as I haven't paid much attention to that variable in a long time. I'm 75 and have a tendancy to forget stuff.
  5. Thanks but that does not work.
    When I free drive it works fine, then after a real race the ini file is overwritten from =0 to =1
    So the 0 does not stay.

    However as a temp fix I can set race to 3 and then have 3 laps while free driving.
    But is there a fix to have free drive without an end of race?
  6. Set the laps to 0 and choose "quick race". That should work for you and the race won't end.