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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by shardshunt, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. This has been something I have been wondering for a while so I hope some one can enlighten me.
    What is the reason for the choice of free content in r3e?

    The free content in the game currently in terms of cars is mostly high power, high down force rear wheel drive cars like the Aquila, the Prototype and the Saleen.
    I don't really understand this because if i was new to the game and i was just checking it out to be immediately thrown into the Aquila a car that is stable at high speed but touchy when not that needs a lot of care when on the curbs doesn't seem like a good starting point at all.

    Which brings me to the free tracks. there is that fake track which is a big mismatch for the Aquila because it has giant curbs and low speed corners. And portimao which is a very difficult track to learn because it has so many blind, braking points and corners.​
  2. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Portimao can be tricky, but it is not that hard to learn if you use the time attack/Challenge mode as once you have done one successful lap you get a Racing Line and Braking Markers for the following laps.
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  3. And with all the elevation and camber changes the Portimão track is much more exciting than an almost flat track like e.g. Hockenheim.
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  4. i love the track but why did they choose it for free content is the question
    if i was to sit a mate down to show them sim racing id put them in something fwd like a honda or tail happy like the e30 gra on zandvoort cause the braking points are very obvious.
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  5. good question...I found the default Raceroom Raceway GP track quite hard to learn and the default cars a bit squirrelly, was happy to buy something else...maybe that's the plan! Something tamer for the rookies would be good.....like Volvo 240 at Monza Junior...ha ha.
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  6. In general as a beginner you have to learn every track you not know. Even Zandvoort has its tricky corners, and so other tracks too.
    Yes the Raceroom Raceway isn't easy to learn/master, but has a very nice flow. Portimão as well. I think, "the flow" is the more important part. Many "older" or iconic tracks have it (Mosport, Spa, Watkins Glen, etc.). And so much new tracks don't (mostly because of higher safety regulations).
    You need to get People (which trying R3E the first time) saying "Wow! What a hell of a ride" and not "Boooooring". ;)
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  7. I must say Zandvoort is hardly a boring track:p. but my point is really that yes Zandvoort has it's tricky corners but their all clearly visible from the straight before hand. whereas on Portimao people will tend to crest a hill and then go flying off the track it would be the same if they used Bathurst or laguna seca. Bathurst is just plain difficult and its difficult to see whats around the corner at laguna seca (I flew off the corkscrew soo many times in gt3/4).

    Now I'm not a big fan of iracing, but if there is one thing they have right it is the free content. The mx5's aren't easy to dive nor is lime-rock park a easy track, but as a rookie you can really get a sense of what your doing right/wrong in them.
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  8. Oh don't get me wrong. Zandvoort isn't boring. I mostly referred to some new (Tilke)-tracks. ;) I mean .... -> straight -> 90 degree corner -> straight -> chicane -> straight -> hairpin -> straight -> 90 degree corner -> etc. etc. etc. ;)
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  9. like every track formula e are going to
  10. I agree with your sentiment completely.

    My first exposure to R3E was trying to drive the Aquila on a track I'd never seen. After locking up into every slow corner, and unable to find an appropriate FOV (translating 31° vertical/52° horizontal to R3E's multiplier wasn't very intuitive), I gave up until the fantastic DTM 2014 update.
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