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Frame Rate

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jim McGhee, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    just wanted to get a few benchmarks for FPS.

    Wolfdale 3.33 @ 4.01 Ghz
    2Gb DDR3 1.6 Ghz
    4870 512Mb DDR5
    2x 250Gb Raid
    P45 Asus Deluxe
    onboard 8 channel sound
    XP SP3
    8.10 Cats

    I get some dodgy frame issues when going round corners. Like days of old when GFx cards couldnt render anything other that in a straight line!

    Is this an issue with the GTRe engine?
  2. I beleieve this is the same problem I've got.

    Is it only really in race conditions and when on a practice day it is okay?? Cause if so that's the same as mine.

    I just bought a Nvidia 9500 GT graphics card and it changed nothing. However, in rFactor it has changed the stuttering completely so it leads me to belive it's just a bug with GTRe.

    I'm just playing on rFactor at the moment until Simbin briongs out a new fix for this bug as it has made the game unplayable for me and GAME have told me I can't bring it back!! ARGH
  3. Can you post your pc-specs FelipeFan?
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  5. mulberrycrush, I can't imagine it's a problem with your computer as it's definitely capable, but seeing as how mine doesn't get the frame rate issues like you, perhaps something is conflicting? I don't know much about ATI/AMD graphics cards, but are those the latest drivers? Have you tried earlier ones? What about backgorund programs running?

    to give you a comparison, i'm running:

    X2 6400+ @ 3.5GHz
    2Gb DDR2
    GTX260 SSC
    XP SP3

    I have V-Sync on, so my frames are never above 60, but never below 55 or so
  6. Hi all,

    thanks for the responses.

    FelipeFan - it does seem more in races than practice and I am pretty sure it happens with AI race as well as online.

    Matt - do you notice any jerkiness at all when driving round corners?
  7. Humm... I am running with a Nvidia 9800GTX with 1920x1080 @60hz and everything is very smooth. Have you changed any of your visual options? I have everything cracked up to the max.
  8. Eric - that could be it. I neve max my settings and this could be an old engine bug that affects some games. I will max out and see if the card handles it better.

    One thing though, do you use driver or game settings?
  9. I tried both. Didnt see much of a difference. So I am sticking with the game settings (oops this was Eric... I am using my brother's laptop.. sorry).
  10. ok cool, I am at work but just downloaded the STCC so I will be on tonight. :)

    will have a go at both settings.

    Anyone else have an ATI card?
  11. No I don't. One thing I have noticed since the update, however, is when I look behind me, it is very jerky..which is very bothersome, but not a problem I can fix.

    I also have my game settings maxed like Eric
  12. ok cheers, I might try and fraps its and upload to you tube.
  13. When you are in main menu press Alt+Tab to drop to desktop and then press Alt+Tab again to get back in the game. This "trick" increase my framerate almost 20 frames/second according to Fraps.
    I have Ati 4850 and Mid-Ohio┬┤s first corner is the place where I have had some minor stuttering.

  14. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    try changing the affinity to your other core.

  15. How do I do that? Via the console?

    Jari Vinnari - I thought that was just an Nvidia trick. I do alt tab quite a bit, but I will try again.
  16. no, he wants u to assign the game to a core. i dont think it will help u much in this case.
  17. ok, I like t sound of this, I will have a go later (at work at the mo)
  18. just go to the game options and crank up all the settings... also max out anti aliasing and turn on vsync.

    i am willing to bet u that none of ur cpus is at max utilization.
  19. will that automatically assign another core?
  20. this game is single threaded... so it only uses one core. unless u have a zillion apps running while playing then u should be fine...