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Frame Rate Worry

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Fahim, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Quad core pc runs GTR2 smooth top level attributes fine.

    Building a large track in Bobs Track Builder. Only done a few roads and in testing the frame rate suffers. It is a street circuit so I do add "new track" then connect. So I have at the moment 5 tracks linked but with hardly any scenery yet it suffers.

    No Forests, just one building. Just fences, trees that are spread out and some grass (two lines of grass alongside the road).
    Very strange as in normal tracks in gtr2 there are proper tracks with huge scenery textures and it runs fine.

    Worried now wether to complete this track or abandon as I've literually just got down the road and its frame rate is suffering. Is the grass causing the problem?

    I have attached pictures.


    Many Thanks,

  2. You need to test what causing the performance hit. Save your project with different name and start removing things and test in game. Also use as low LOD settings as possible. If object has LOD out 2000m then game will render object until you are 2km from it. You don't see what is around a corner until you get there:smile:
  3. Well all grass object are 100 on LOD setting. Should this be higher or smaller?
  4. 100 is good. You have probably too many objects or they are too detailed. You have to test it what makes performance go down. I get lower FPS when BTB is running on background but im using RBR, close it.
  5. What is RBR? The only objects that if you look in the pictures are the Grass. I did lines of Grass that are 0.40 apart.
  6. I see also guardrails, brake them up, don't use one big line, make several ones. Try grass 0.80 apart and if its not good enough then more and more.
    RBR is Richard Burns Rally, you should try it sometime:smile:
  7. Yes, thanks for the tip. Will try the game when I have finished building this track. I think your right about the rail gaurds. I wanted it to be realistic so maybe I should edit the width of them. Making UK carriageway barrier effect so do need the full length of barrier. Thanks for you help guys.
  8. Guardrail can be the whole length of the track but instead of making sobject 1km long make it like 10x100m.
  9. Kytt: Just noticed that i by accident doubled the terain on the road ( second pictures) So im deleting that and will tell you the results.
    This could be a problem alot of peope have without knowning.
  10. Oh what a mess. Just realised all objects grass, fences are 2000 in the settings. Now that means you have to click each individual grass and set to 100. That could take a month or so. Is not there a way to select full list of objects. For some reason they don't get highlighted. :(
  11. You don't need to select one by one. When you want to select multiple objects do a circle (lassoing) around the area where objects are. There is help in BTB, you should read it and look through all tutorial videos in BTB website. Also look how XPacker works, you can predefine there how much LOD each object has by default
  12. Kytt thanks so much :) :) :) Who needs tutorial when we have you :p

    Right time to work hard now.