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Frame rate bug?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Si_Crewe, May 11, 2011.

  1. Has anybody else ever noticed that the frame-rate will suddenly drop off really badly (on the PC version) mid-race and make the car almost impossible to control?

    I've been getting this more and more recently and I think I know what's causing it but I don't want to go into detail until more people confirm they've had the same problem.
  2. Yep, this occurs to me occasionally. And I have found that hitting a Flashback can fix it, but not reliably. Quite frustrating.
  3. I used to get a momentary stutter ingame, I noticed HD activity when it did happen, but i must say since patching the game this hasnt been an issue. Maybe coincidence, maybe not.
  4. the only problem i have is every 5th oder 6th race the game starts to freeze and unfreeze. looks like someone push the screenshot button. this takes round about 30 seconds -.-. i thought codemasters were a good but this is omg... no patch . no support. i hope f1 2011 will be much much much better.
  5. Thing is, I've noticed it happens more and more as I've got better at the game.

    I don't think it's simply that the frame-rate is dropping off.

    It only ever seems to happen to me when I've taken a strong lead or when I've made up a lot of places very quickly.

    I've also noticed that when the frame-rate drops off the other cars suddenly seem to catch me up (even on the straights) and my lap-times drop off by as much as 20 seconds a lap.

    I'm starting to think it's actually something to do with a "fiddle-factor" which is designed to allow the AI cars to catch up with the player.
    It seems as though when you're simply TOO far in front for the rubber-band system to work it slows the entire game down for the player in order for the AI's to catch up again.

    For example, I was playing last night and I LOVE the Montreal track. I was driving the Virgin and started in 16th place.
    I was able to cut through the field, take the lead and pull out a 20 second gap.
    Suddenly, at the hairpin, the frame-rate dropped, I continued along the final straight, through the last couple of corners and my lap-time said I was TWENTY SECONDS off the pace.
    By the time I reach the first turns of the next lap all the following cars had caught up and I found myself in about 10th place.
    The frame-rate remained terrible for about half a lap and then reverted to normal.
    I did it all over again, took the lead, set fastest lap after fastest lap, pulled out a big lead and then, a couple of laps from the end, the frame-rate dropped again, my lap times dropped dramatically, other cars seemed able to whizz past me even in the hairpin and I ended up in 5th place.

    I haven't really investigated this too deeply because when the frame-rate drops the car gets hard to drive and I usually crash but, from memory, this problem always seems to ruin races where I'm doing exceptionally well.

    After doing 3 or 4 races on tracks that I know very well I've found that it always seems to happen when the player manages to do unrealistically well.

    I notice that it's possible for players to edit the configuration to remove the "rubber-banding".
    I haven't messed about with modding the game at all so all that stuff is still standard.
    Perhaps the "solution" is as simple as editing the config file to remove the rubber-banding?
  6. I have had this problem too, but not just during races. So far I've noticed the frame rate drop at Catalunya, just after the long right into the straight before the tight left corner, and in Monaco at the tight left entering the harbor. That one is the worst, sometimes causes me to hit the wall and lose my front wing. Playing on xbox by the way.
  7. Hmm well its happend to me in all game modes at some point or another including multiplayer. I think its more a graphical glitch but the game continues regardless, hence the 'catch up' of other drivers, rather than any premeditated coding.
    Thats my hunch anyways, there would be far more subtle ways to employ a catch up than literally freezing your game play.