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fps problem not related to FFB

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by benedict burlington, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. hi, I have got a serious problem with AMS.
    when I am in the garage, or standing still in general, I get 5fps max. when I pause and unpause (or toggle AI control) I am able to get going with 50+fps but this means that online racing is impossible. I've tried to change FFB settings like said on steam and all over the internet but it still doesn't work. I have reinstalled it but still... nothing. Can anyone help me out on this problem ???

    Thanks Ben
  2. Can you post your pc specs and wheel, and have you tried the suggestion in steam regarding FFB update rate?
  3. I have tried it but nothing works... I run logitech g27, Alienware, intel core i7, 16GB RAM @2.50 GHz and windows 8.1
  4. It always helps to specify exactly what you have tried.
  5. I have changed the FFB setting (in game) to low and even turned it off, still nothing and I changed the FFB skip update, i turned it upto 8 or 9 and it still doesn't work...
  6. Hmm, maybe try turning off the recording of replays.