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FPS on ps3?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by mns, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. mns


    what's going on with the frame on ps3?it's like a tragedy driving like this...
    any updates?will codemasters give a patch?
    thank u
  2. Im having a hard time racing on monaco the few last corners give me a heavy fps drop though i can still play through it :S Hope they fix it
  3. mns


    but you can't play like this...this is not a 2011 game,it's like playing gears before..did u found any updates??
  4. Noo, Its a pity CM didn't focus on the details which made f1 2010 so special, Though when I first played F1 2011 i got a 1.01 Patch immediately I don't know but this might be a patch since the CM forum says a PS3 Patch is already released so.. I don't know mate
  5. Basically, ps3 users have been totally screwed with this game.

    There is no other way to put it. It's more like a late 90s game than 2011
  6. It's really strange that it looks worse than 2010 did. Perhaps they didn't optimize the code correctly or something?

    Although I really do like this game, I can't help but think this was rushed to release - There are WAY to many issues for anyone to convince me this game was actually tested prior to release.

    Now, who wants to bet patch 2 will be the only fix coming?
  7. I'm on PS3 and I don't have any of there issues that everybody is complaining about
  8. I had what they talking about on F12010 but I ve done a full length race at Monaco on F12011 and didn't see them problem at all.
  9. Have you looked at the graphics on the option tyres when in race mode? It's pathetic.

    Frame rate at Monaco?

  10. I dunno...some are more sensitive to this stuff than others, I guess. I was racing today and after getting a lot of issues...I think I'm pretty much going back to 2010 until CM decides to actually release the 2011 version. :mad: