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Fps issue strange, please help

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by naim, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Hi I have f1 2015 on pc using nvidia gtx 750 ti, the game is really slow in quick race, championship mode and pro season but super fast in time trial?? Any ideas on what is can do?? Please help me
  2. What are your pc components?
    What are your target settings (including resolution and frame rate)?
    What fps are you getting in good, bad, and normal situations?
    What are the performance statistics of your hardware (when using OSD software such as MSI afterburner)?

    For me, there seems to be a bug when starting a new race where the fps is occasionally rubbish - it goes from 60fps to mid to low 30s, and I've even had it as low as 8-10fps! Simply restart the race, maybe even twice and this restores the frame rate.

    Also, perhaps the game is running on the limit regarding hardware setup and software settings so a relatively undemanding mode like time trial can get by for acceptable performance and more demanding situations like actual races push things a bit too far.

    At the very least, know what fps you are getting in good and bad circumstances, which can be shown via Steam itself (you'll have to enable it in Steams games options) - or much better yet, use a program such as MSI Afterburner that can show OSD (on screen display) information of your current hardware while you're playing games. That way you'll know if you've hit the limit with your hardware or if it's a software based optimisation issue or bug.
  3. I uninstalled the new nvidia driver 358.50 and installed the previous 355.60. I did a "clean install" and I have not installed GeForce Experience. I gained about 7-8 FPS
  4. I think your problem is more CPU related than a GPU problem. You'll see, when you race against the AI cars the game demands more computing power from your CPU than when you race alone in a mode like Time Trial. I think your CPU is making what it's usually called "bottle neck" to the rest of your system. It would be very helpful to know the rest of your pc components besides the GPU.

    One thing I learned during all these years of playing the Formula 1 games from Codemasters is that these games are very CPU demanding. So a very good CPU makes a big difference in the performance of the game, even more than a very good GPU.
  5. Although your CPU comment is possibly correct, I think it's a little unlikely as I've recently benchmarked the last 3 F1 games and CPU use / requirement is relatively low...

    System used:
    Intel i7 3770
    Asus Strix GTX 780 6Gb
    Crucial Ballastix 32Gb DDR3 1600Mhz
    Multiple Samsung SSD EVO
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

    F1 2013 - Min: 59.6 Avg: 59.9 Max: 60.1
    F1 2014 - Min: 59.7 Avg: 59.9 Max: 60.2
    F1 2015 - Min: 59.5 Avg: 59.9 Max: 60.4

    CPU Total Usage:
    F1 2013 - Avg: 27.3%
    F1 2014 - Avg: 27.1%
    F1 2015 - Avg: 22.6%

    GPU Total Usage:
    F1 2013 - Avg: 38% Max: 44%
    F1 2014 - Avg: 38% Max: 45%
    F1 2015 - Avg: 80% Max: 96%

    GPU VRAM Usage:
    F1 2013 - 1120Mb
    F1 2014 - 1104Mb
    F1 2015 - 3274Mb

    But yes, we need to know more information from the OP to diagnose the issue.
  6. I have a similar problem to this in that the game runs at 50-ish fps on any mode, up until the point I pause/restart/flashback, then it drops to 30
  7. I brought this up on the CM forum and they said that there are some optimizations coming in the next PC patch. Not holding my breath though.
  8. Well they optimized the game before it came out with no drivers in the rear view mirrors, horrible lods for trees, etc..... can't wait to see what they've taken out in the next patch.
  9. Well it's fast approaching two months since their last patch which was full of nothing, so if we are disappointed this time I don't hold out much hope for any real progress with F1 2015 period.
  10. my op is: intel core 2 duo E6400 2.13 ghz Ram 4gb windows 8.1 professional