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FPS issue - please help :) - solid 60fps, but like slideshow?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alex Ball, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Hey chaps. Hope you can help.

    I have a weird issue with RF1, and I hope someone here can help.

    I get a solid 60fps, but when running a race, I get a weird issue where the race is like a 4-fps slideshow. It's really weird, the game and fraps both report 60-62fps, but the game doesnt run smoothly at all.

    Any ideas what might be causing it?

  2. online or offline?
  3. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Offline (not tried online)
  4. is it with certain a mod, or all mods cars or specific track??
  5. What are you PC specs?
  6. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Currently playing Enduracers mod, but it happens in all (well, most) mods, on all all tracks.

    Intel i5 2500k @ 4ghz
    16gb Ram
    2x 580 GTX in SLI
    3 23" screens @ 5760x1080
  7. I'd imagine it's possibly an SLI issue.
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  8. I've got 3 x 22inch monitors on 2 ATI HD5750s, AMD Quad 960T 3Ghz, 8GB RAM, and irFactor runs at max, so you should be able to get it working well. I suggest trying it in single screen first to confirm if it is an SLI problem.
  9. I have the same CPU, and a single much worse CPU(GTX 550 Ti), with only 8GB RAM, so the only thing I think it could be is multiple screens or SLI...

    Have you tried it on a single GPU yet?
  10. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Yeah, it's an SLI issue. Sold my 580s and waiting for a nice shiny 7970 to turn up in about an hour.

    Not as powerful, but at least rFactor will run better whch is where I spend most of my time.
  11. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    pfft. No more stutter, but still shitty framerates with the 7970.

    Very tempted to sell everything at the moment. Sim racing isn't fun like it used to be.
  12. Must be frustrating as hell but stick with it mate. Cant really offer much tech advice since my setup is modest in comparison, suprised the 7970 isn't running it too well though. Clean install of windows perhaps?
  13. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    It runs newer games great, and _any_ non-sim racing games perfectly. Sim racing games are all just shitty it seems. rFactor, rFactor2 Beta and pCARS are all crap on 3 screens, and when I try just one pCARS is fine and solid 60fps vsync'd, but rF1 has gone back to jerking (although nothing like as bad as with SLI) and rF2 is 20-50fps.

  14. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Well don't expect anything good regarding rF2 framerates, they are well and truly useless.
  15. Very odd. Now the only thing I could think of is that you run it on 3 monitors, as opposed to my single screen.

    Anyone else having issues on triple screen displays?
  16. Von Butters

    Von Butters
    Premium Member

    Just a thought, but are you using v/sync and have you tried turning it on/off to see if that helps?