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FPS improvement ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Andre_1th, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Basicly 'almost never' experienced track fps problems but just wondering where's the bottleneck.
    Maybe the amount of wall(s) nodes? Proberly, more likely, the amount of objects ?

    Many moons ago I created some funny things for M$ Flightsim with 3D Max, I do remember that using red colors causing some significent higher fps. In rFactor also ?

    Proberly just the amount of objects I think.

    yep another silly question :rolleyes:
  2. Well, the amount of objects causes amount of polygons that they use. It's better to spend some time on making low poly objects when you don't need many details and also on optimising textures. I found that I don't need to save mip maps e.g. for trees - this gives 75% less "weight"... Good idea also to merge some terrain nodes for longer distances (and set some terrain areas as "non driveaable and not collide" - then computer does not need to calculate areas where you never drive).
    Also, the LOD settings are very important I think. Most xpacks have too high LOD (e.g. 2000 for grass?). So, I always think of optimising, optimising :)
  3. @Martinez, just found that I can spare 2 MB by just disable colliding for only 20 trees or so !
    Hmm found here somewhere the RBR pack.... Optimising indeed.
  4. Since there's a bug in BTB with the same objects (of the same type) colliding and not colliding at the same time, I prefer to use my own collide colums which I put into trees. The post about it is here:
    That means I usually switch off all collisions for trees and make some of them collidable with these "lightweight" columns. Afterwards, when I export a very final version of the track, they can be completely invisible.