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FPS good, then drops over time - Roy Hesketh

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Paul Minnaar, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. This track is so near to completion, but I have one or two hassles I'd like to have sorted before release.

    The FPS is great during practice, but after a while (30 minutes) it becomes jerky, a constant jerk, not a sudden drop in FPS in sections. I'm not sure if its my machine, the model, or the different sun angle that is causing it.

    When driving and the FPS is jerky, I look back and the graphics are smooth. Is it maybe something to do with the cockpit?

    The one other thing. I wish I knew how to unpack a .gtr or .gtl file, so I can get Woochoos crowds, he has allowed, but I do not know how to get them from his project. Mine are all 3D crowds and it hurts FPS.
  2. I had something like this with RBR. Then - the reason was... dust on my graphic card in my laptop. After couple days it was broken, burned and only some pc magician rescued me from serious problems....
  3. Isn't it possible to unpack these .gtr/gtl files with 3DSimed?
  4. Not sure Raido. I also don't have a license for it and my trial period is over.
  5. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Your problem does sound more like hardware than software related Paul.

    If nobody else reports this, i'd put it down to your card overheating.
  6. Yeah Kris, what bugs me is that its only in front view(facing forwards) this happens.

    If driving and looking behind, the graphics are smooth, may be the cockpit graphics. Have you ever noticed, some cars cockpits are harder on hardware than others.

    I must just hop my machine up, but then again all other tracks are okay.
  7. .

    Yep, the red colors always decrease fps in games.

    I always drive rF with LocalCam=NOSECAM, did you try?
    Doesn't solve your problem because a lot drives with cockpit view.
    Try a simple car(mod) like Megane?
  8. If it's an object, it would be one that is not displayed in the rearview mirror, the fastest way to find out is to look in your scn file and delete any instance that has visgroup(32). Then run your track and see if it fixes the problem, if it does fix the problem, go back into btb and check all your objects find out which ones are set not to display in the rear view and one or more of those objects will be what's causing it.

    *remember to re-export your track to get all the instances you deleted back in.
    *If you have set up other visgroup's for your objects it could be more difficult becase they will display a different visgroup number. In this case you will have to remove them from your btb project and so on.
  9. If it's a hardware issue, it'll happen with other highly detailed tracks. Try things like Le Mans and Mid Ohio from Virtua LM, for example.