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FPES S4 - Important News

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. Any important news related to FPES will be posted in this thread!!
  2. We have started to work out who will race where next season. The most important factors that we have stressed many times are fairness, friendliness, safety, commitment and attendance. We do not have the reserve driver solution that the World league uses which make a high turn-up from each driver paramount. Last season we had 12 drivers showing up for 100% of the races in our top division, 13 if we include Jere Heikkinen aka jerska who participated in all races since he joined mid season. Another three were 80%+. Now this stuff is what makes you a highly valued member!
    We are very happy to see that all our highly valued members seem to be joining this season as well. This also includes 13 80%+ members from Div 2. In addition many of those who didn't make all the races last season have signed up, I'm confident we'll see a higher turn-up from you this time around.

    A small handful of Danes joined us at the end of last season and they seem to be high quality people in regards to the above mentioned requirements. In addition they also seem to be quite fast!

    Lastly we have of course some new guys that we welcome, currently 15 in total if I have counted correctly. 5 of these have been on our servers while 10 have not. Drivers that are not active on our servers will not earn a spot in the league. Spending time online driving with the other guys on PrestoGP FPRO Interlagos and our other servers is by far the best way to secure a spot for next season.

    We will soon reveal more info!

    See you all on the track!​
  3. I was just told by the Race Director that he is almost finished with reviewing the Interlagos race for Division 1 and Division 2. His findings will be reviled this weekend.
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