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FOV on single screen

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Olivier Mandavy, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Hello,

    what is your FOV on single screen?

    Mine is 45 on a 27in monitor

    I also use a TrackIR device.
  2. jwa


    I've been using 55 on a 27" monitor and pretty happy with that. no tracker though. how do you like the track ir?
  3. I love the TrackIR.
    Without it, it will be impossible to use such a low FOV
  4. ouvert


    43 on 22 inches ... sometimes 47
  5. 43? How can you set a FOV lower than 45?
  6. jwa


    been thinking about the trackir, as going to triples or a bigger monitor is presently out of the question. is it a pain or time consuming to start up when getting ready to race?
  7. Very easy to use it but you need a little bit of time to get use to it (you have to turn your head but keep your eyes to the screen).
    Some people feels motion sickness : in my opinion because of a bad profile used (how your TrackIR reacts when you turn your head)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2014
  8. ouvert


    oh, sorry ... I was thinking in general :) .. in iRacing I had it on 47
  9. I run 60 degrees FOV in iRacing, single 29" 21:9 monitor.
  10. I'm interested about a 21:9 monitor, is the feeling good with simracing?
  11. Depends on who you ask I reckon :)
    If you're like me, coming from a 24" 16:9, the move to 29" 21:9 was a smooth sailing, cos the 21:9 monitor is about as tall as a 23" monitor. If you however are used to a 27" or bigger screen then you might feel the vertical size to be on the small size. There's ofc the 34" LG monitor out there but that's pricy as hell!
    I love my 21:9 though, for simracing I get an extra 8cm of side vision on each side (16cm total that is) compared to my a 23/24" 16:9 screen, which is great. I love it for Windows too, I rarely run programs in full screen any longer, I usually have two windows open side by side.
    But, for simracing, I'll be getting the Oculus Rift consumer version instead, the DK2 is already such a massive upgrade to any screen solution I've ever tested.