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Forza5 and Fanatec CSR wheel

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5' started by Michal Kamis, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Why Forza 5 not support Fanatec wheel with logo Forza ????:cry:
  2. Xbox One does not support the accessories of Xbox 360.
  3. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    It is a shame really the Fanatec doesn't work after the buyers have paid so much for the product.
    I wonder, if Fanatec or someone will make a converter for it.
  4. I think its a joke that people paid a small fortune a short time ago to buy these wheels and now you have a choice you either don't upgrade your console and use your wheel, or you upgrade and are stuck with a wheel that's no good to you, now im not bashing fanatec but its a shame.
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  5. It's not Fanatec's fault.... IT'S MICROSOFT's! All anyone over there cares about now is money. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY...... I'm glad my CSR won't work with the Xbone.... If it wasn't for this fact, I'd probably be stuck with Forza, believing it was the real deal in terms of physics. Now I have a pc. Hmm, GTR2, rFactor, RBR, ASSETTO CORSA. Never going back.... Never.
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  6. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I am sure there must be a hardware descriptor in the firmware, and surely a firmware can be hacked and modified ?
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  7. Yo peeps. Fanatec said this about the Xbox One situation a few months back. I hope they sort it as my racing buddy could get a PS4 because of this.. Here's what Fanatec said

    Why is it so difficult to make your current Xbox 360 wheels compatible to the new console?

    Several people have raised their concerns and we understand your disappointment but we also hope you see that there is nothing Fanatec could have done to make your wheels compatible to the new console. Technically it is probably possible to make an adapter but any device connecting to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One (incl. this adapter) needs to have a security chip module which can only be purchased from MS. So without the permission of MS we could only "crack" the security chip and this is not only illegal but would certainly ruin our relationship to MS and other platform owners.
    And we were not able to "warn" anybody about this as up to this moment it is still possible that MS changes its mind like they did on other specs of the XB1 as well. It still can happen but we want to be fair and tell you that it is not likely to happen.
    We never claimed that the wheels were compatible to Xbox one and please remember that all peripherals of the first Xbox did not work on Xbox 360 either.
    But even if we were able to make such an adapter, the development costs would be significant as the XB1 uses a different force feedback protocol and in our wheels the Xbox protocols and PC protocols are separated and use different communication (wireless vs. USB). Given the limited market for such a device, such an adapter would be quite expensive.
    Microsoft has good reasons to skip the backwards compatibility as this allowed to implement a completely new and more powerful communication protocol. Of course they are happy to sell new controllers to you and earn money on licenses but keep in mind that a console is about plug and play. MS is very strong to provide a clear standard for controllers and make sure that all controllers work with all games of a certain genre. On other consoles it can happen that your brand new and official controller works only with one game because the communication protocols are not clearly defined from the beginning.

    The only thing we can offer is to develop a wheel where you can at least use your peripherals so you don’t have to buy a complete new setup. And when this wheel is ready, we will make an attractive upgrade offer for all existing customers for sure.

    This was a pretty long post with a lot of inside information but I hope you can understand the situation a bit better now.
    I really appreciate your support and patience.
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  8. @Peter Evans
    I'm sure some of us know about this...Either way it's still Microsoft's fault.
  9. RC45

    Premium Member

    Yet the quote of Microsoft's claims about 'better and more powerful communications protocol' has NOT translated into better steering wheel performance for actual driving games on Xbox One. Forza5 is not that good with the mediocre Thrustmaster TX wheel - even when I use my T500RS pedals to enhance the experience.

    IOW Microsoft's claim is a lie - period.

    Fanatec are paying the price for sleeping with Microsoft - Thrustmaster will also pay the price as they have been forced to dumb down their products to meet the pitiful requirements of the XBone.

    The TX wheel is huge step down from the 500, and any wheel Fanatec makes for the XBone will be inferior to their previous offerings.

    Without decent games there is no need for a slew of superior peripherals for the XBone. FM5 is a disappointment compared to FM4.
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  10. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I disagree 100% with your opinion on the TX, even if I agree overall FM5 delivers less of a game than FM4.

    I use my TX on the PC as well, and it is every bit as good if not slightly better in some regards than my T500, significantly better than my G27, or Fanatec GT2

    World would be boring if we all agreed.

    Thanks for your repost Peter, a better understanding / explanation of what might be going on, tho I doubt it is the full story.
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  11. Well that's your opinion. I happen to be rather fond of Forza 5, didn't really enjoy 4 at all
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  12. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Microsoft have always been a pain in the butt when it comes to third party controllers. They like their "exclusive for Xbox" tag on licensed products! I'm still waiting for G27 support on the PS4 but at least I know it's coming as both Sony and Logitech have confirmed it.
  13. Well. I am not surprised at all, as i don't expect all my flight gear to work when playing Ace Combat on a console if you see the point.

    Consoles are not really for simulation, and peripherals associated with that, as it is the completely wrong target group for marketing such a device.

    It is very much for casual players of videogames with less demands for performance or complexity.

    So companies behind said consoles will of course see that supporting devices like these or in some cases, software products that is niche, is not viable from that standpoint.

    Forza for instance is sold as a simulator, but is mostly used by 12-16 year old american teens that play it casually with a controller, using behind the car views. Hence the lack of support for you.

    It is not Fanatec that is to blame really... If anything, blame the market. But i wouldn't as consoles really do what they should and do it rather well... Given that what they should do is provide simple entertainment and videogames to a less technical and more casual crowd for a reasonable price (since this group is very sensitive to price)
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  14. I really don't understand this argument and I see it quite often. Is it really any different than any other controller for a console? Every generation of consoles has a controller that works with that particular console and not any other console. Only the PC has the advantage of being able to continue to use forever as long as drivers are supported. I understand that wheels cost more than a standard controller for a console but that's the price you pay to have a limited availablity niche product. Wheels aren't ever going to be mass produced like gamepad controllers and the parts to build them obviously cost more than a gamepad controller so that's what you're paying for in order to get that wheel user experience.
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  15. Fanatec CSR is fun as hell on Forza 5!

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  16. I'm patiently waiting for first consumer reports, curious ab:
    -overall input lag impressions
    -ffb quality (Fanatec CSR in FM4 imo works maybe in 50% of quality given in any PC game: pC, Assetto, NCG etc)
    -does it work with more than 1 device, for ex. my Tritton Warhead headset?

    Anyway, good news, now i hope Horizon 2 won't disappoint, and future FM6 will get back to social level of FM4 as there is no hope for current FM5...
  17. Its worth mentioning that its not really Turn 10's fault that the content was limited on FM5. I'm sure they were pressured by Microsoft to get FM5 ready for launch day no matter how much content it had available which is why they continue to offer more content every month. They're building their library for FH2 and FM6. I'm not one to complain about FM5's content, I realize the time constraints that Turn 10 was dealing with. Its easy to see what can be done with more time, look at Forza 2 compared to Forza 4 on the same console. That's years of improvement, same will happen with the Xbox One as well. Even though GT6 has tons more content than FM5, it lacks so much in every other area, and even content too debatably since I don't need 14 versions of the same car.
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  18. You are 100% correct IMO, that it is not Fanatec's fault. As far as it is M$'s fault, I don't think it is anyones "fault". This is simply how big business operates. Not just M$, all big business. If M$ main objective was not to make as much money as possible, then quite frankly, they would not be serving their shareholders best interest.;)
    I don't like it, but I would not expect anything less.
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