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Featured Forza Motorsport 6 revealed: leak shows Rain and Night races, over 450 cars

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 6' started by Alex Franchini, Jun 7, 2015.

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    The official Xbox Japan page has unveiled Forza Motorsport 6. Turn10's upcoming Xbox One exclusive has been revealed ahead of time.

    The Japanese Xbox One page has in fact leaked information and pictures about the game: it seems the page was not ready for public consumption yet, and it has been pulled offline.

    We've managed to take a look at the content before it went down, though, and curiously enough it was in English. It appears Forza 6 will feature more than 450 cars, with 1080p/60fps graphics and wet and night racing. This is obviously confirmed by the (watermarked) screenshots, which show some night GT action along with cars bustling along a street circuit.

    26 circuits will be featured, including "Daytone" (guessing it's a typo) and "Rio", whereas the cars will have "working cockpits", full damage and will be customizable.
    In terms of gameplay, Forza 6 will have 24-player races - we assume online - along with two-player split screen modes.

    More information about the game will be made public at the E3, according to Microsoft's official statement, so stay tuned.

    What do you think of the newest Forza title? Let us know in the comments!

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  3. holy crap thats a lot, oh well xbox only, bad physics. back to assetto corsa, i refuse to get myself hyped. I bet the russians are happy because they will likely start ripping away.
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  4. Xbox One code hasn't actually been cracked I don't think...so the Russians can't have their fun....
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  5. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Engineer at Manor Racing Premium Member

    No, it's called a leak as it's not an official release. The information was from a future press release that wasn't yet meant to be released to the public. Generally leaks show stuff that the developer doesn't want to reveal yet, or stuff that is still WIP.
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  6. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    I'm more surprised that Xbox has a Japanese page.
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  7. Say what you will but I'd actually like to have this on PC. That's a lot of cars.
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  8. Shame this game will come when it's way too late to save the Xbox ONE.
  9. Well I think it's gonna get directx12, so don't throw the towel just yet. But again, I think that only matters in dx12 built games.
  10. Torcano

    Premium Member

    That's what I don't get either, Windows is a microsoft platform too... so why not make for PC as well. I guess they gotta have some reason to sell those boxes, and keeping titles hostage as "exclusives" seems to be the staple idea when it comes to that. Old School Business 101 - Never give your customers any real freedom of choice, just give them an illusion of choice. xD
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  11. I'm ready to put my Fanatec CSW v2 Xbox One hub to some good use in Forza 6!
  12. 450 cars with approx. 75% of the total cars with inaccurate/identical physics and engine sounds... no thanks. Overall though so far that it looks promising.
  13. xnorb

    Premium Member

    I never understood the love for quantity.

    Especially in racing games/sims you usually have a preference.
    There are open-wheel lovers, guys who prefer not having their head exposed to wind, streetcar enthusiasts, the touring car faction, and, and, and.

    I'd rather have a game with the car type i enjoy most with real tracks, proper physics and rules making authentic championships rather than 100s of cars i never drive anyways.
    (Multi class GT races anybody?)

    When it comes to quantity of content, i agree that the more the merrier, but if you have 2 years to design 20 tracks and 50 cars i exepct the quality and authenticity to be way higher than if you have to create 50 tracks and 400 cars in the same time.
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  14. Justin

    #1 overuser of the :P emoticon

    I think of Forza and GT as being car collecting sims. You may not drive even half of the cars you have, but owning them in your garage is motivation for you to complete more career mode races and earn more cars. Many cars may share the same physics, but if you're not driving most of them you will hardly notice this.

    Not to mention these games are designed for gamepad users and if you're ever wanting to play a sim with a gamepad, you can't go any better than Forza and GT really. I am a wheel user on PC yet even then I enjoy these games from time to time if I want to kick back with a gamepad and do some racing.

    There's also the customisation aspect of these games which are a huge selling point for those that like to modify their cars rather than drive them stock.

    Forza on PC would be a success as there are no car-collecting racing sims available on PC at all. It won't ever happen though, as Forza is a system seller for Xbox and with the Xbox One trailing the PS4 in sales worldwide, they can't release it elsewhere and lower potential sales of their console.
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  15. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Okay, yes, from a car collector's standpoint that's of course a big point :)

    I don't know about exclusivity, tho.
    Many XBone exclusives make their way to PC at some point.
    Playstation exclusives are far more likely to stay exclusive.
  16. Looks great!
  17. Forza has consistently implemented real-time telemetry since 2007, and its incredibly valuable for understanding what the hell the car is doing while you're driving it. This speeds up the learning curve and makes learning a new car/track considerably a more enjoyable experience.

    Also, a Fanatec wheel with a Forza title has consistently been an easily accessible and well executed sim+FFB combo. With Logitech and Thrustmaster traditionally avoiding the Xbox market, +95% of sim racers do not know just how good Forza is with a wheel. It's a shame.

    As for Forza 6, these leaks are a good indication but M$ has been screwing up Forza DLC ever since they implemented it. GT has had the online content advantage for years and I don't see that changing.
  18. The issue with all of that is that the foundation that they are being built upon isnt strong enough. I have got around 8hours id say and while that really isnt a lot with a wheel it gave me a general idea. Im not a fan of their understeer.
  19. interesting, looks cool. Might not give up on that franchise afterall,

    but what I'm after is "proper" racing experince, pit stops, proper race rules, qualify rounds etc. and I'm afraid this won't be there still.

    I mean it's fine to have simplified mode for road cars, but race cars? 6 laps races ?? please no
  20. have said this a few times, forza needs to move on from being a car game and become and racing game, they also need to realise what the differences are
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