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Forza Horizon

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Daniel Higgins, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Announced in the last day or so, launch in Fall 2012

  2. I don't think I've ever seen an advertisement that says less about the actual product being advertised. I mean, is it a concert, a place, a film, a game, an actual road race? Just please tell me that it's not just a Need for Speed The Run rip-off as there's already one of those. Please Turn 10 don't waste time on anything other than continuing to support Forza 4 and developing the hell out of Forza 5!!!
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  3. Rumour has it it may be a hoax .....?
  4. I read it was possibly a hoax but XBOX UK have the trailer on their Facebook page now
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  5. Trailer has Porsches in it! I thought only EA had them? Maybe more hype than substance at the moment.
  6. EA owns the license for them and Turn 10 paid for the license in F3 but decided the license was too expensive to buy for F4. Turn 10 does the same thing with the Ferrari license which they have exclusive rights to on consoles. When the whole thing about the Porsche license was being debated in tinterwebland the guys at EA responded to the gaming community in a letter saying that what they were asking for in rates was on par with what Turn 10 asks them for to put Ferraris in their games.
  7. The EA/Porsche deal might be coming to an end??
  8. Don't look like a hoax as I got it feeded through on my facebook from Forza - Turn 10 page.
    Although it doesn't look promissing to me. Looks like that's more oriented to the NFS-franchise.
  9. I read playground games is a company set up by a couple of guys who used to work for Codemasters, not sure if that makes it a good thing or not
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  10. It would seem that Turn 10 are capitalising on the Forza franchise. Get someone else to make a completely different game and slap the Forza name on it so it'll sell millions and - bam! - you got yourself a new holiday house in southern California.
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  11. Well there you go, community answered. When they announced that Porsche wouldn't be in due to licensing the community basically asked why in this day and age of DLC we can't have the content we want even if we have to pay for it? There we go, we can. Now hopefully they're already working on new tracks for us as well and not wasting resources on their Dodge Horizons.
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  12. What a surprise 1600MS points, out after season pass has ended. No reason why this could not have been in from day 1. This cow is not gonna get milked! Maybe for 800 I'd have let them have a tweak of my nipples ...... ;)

    Wow you can get 250G. Woopeeding!
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  13. I agree Wayne bit of a rip off if you ask me all this DLC. With this and the season pass thats £30+ for stuff that could quite easily have been in from the start
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  14. Looking like tracks will be even more cost in future dlc. Tracks is what I want !!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are plenty of cars already ...... Jeepers Creepers!
  15. I think Forza is now going downhill....

    Was I the only one that thought I was watching a trailer for a car show?

    Well, Codemasters are, in my mind the ultimate game makers, so that makes it good... However it seems as though, judging by their newly released trailer in the first post that these are half castes of Codemasters.... not so good anymore..
  16. Forza Horizons appears to be a resurrection of the previously touted Forza World which was also being worked on by Playground Games. It appears there are ex-staff from Codemasters, Bizarre, Criterion, SMS and a few others all pooling their resources in to this release, which to me looks like it may be a Forza attempt at a Test Drive Unlimited style affair.

    I don't think Turn 10 are directly involved but lending their name to the project, as after all, Forza is their baby. Hopefully they will be concentrating on DLC for Forza 4 and hopefully planning the contents of Forza 5.
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  17. Codies are terrible in my opinion!!! After F1 2011 i will seriously have to think about ever buying another codies title!!
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