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Forza Horizon: Demo Impressions Video

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Oct 11, 2012.

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  2. Really lol, good for the kids :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:
  3. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Looks very like the DIRT series to me
  4. total arcade game...really see nothing here for FORZA fans but if you enjoyed the older need for speed games..it may be a game you enjoy.
  5. @Paradox28

    Of course its arcade oriented. You can't tell me you ever expected Forza:Horizons to be anything else. It's not a continuation of the Forza series, just part of the Forza/Turn 10 franchise.

    IMO, it was always going to be a NFS/Burnout/TDU type of release.

    Whilst it may not be your cup of tea, I'm sure many will have fun with it, for accepting the game for what it is.
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  6. Well I tried the demo and set everythign to simulation and no assists........it feels very similar to Forza 4 really. Graphics are the same as well.

    They seem to have taken the DIRT approach and made the menus very bright and colourful with epic voice overs between races and stuff.....other than the lurid packaging it drives like Forza 4.
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  7. @Jack Sargent

    Agree Jack, I've tried the demo this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I concur that the driving feel is similar to Forza4, if not a 100% port.

    I think the reviewer more or less hit the nail on the head. For anyone who likes all kinds of the driving genre, this is definitely worth a look. If you're a die hard sim nut, then maybe this ain't for you.

    I'd categorise the demo as a Forza4-Lite/DIRT3/NFS/TDU hybrid. All good fun, free roam driving and the Rivals mode from Forza 4 thrown in.
  8. Did this guy mention that you cannot change your controls during the intro race?

    I HATE when games do that! It is so incredibly frustrating I do not have family friendly words to describe the thinking of devs and their game where this is the case!
    That is NOT how you get me interested in a game. That is how you get me to put it down and walk away.

    Also the severe shakycam whenever you are not racing is a very bad thing.(but true, it does not affect the racing portions)

    I do feel the need to say that being open world is nice, as are time of day changes! One can only hope for weather.(and lots of old muscle cars)
    I would by lying if I said that I was not still curious about this game despite not being a sim. But then I also tried to play burnout paradise and nfs undercover/nfs world in the past. >_>
  9. Bit of a few different series' really, Dirt included.
  10. I think I'll enjoy it too, though there are only a handful of non-sim racing games I enjoy.
  11. Controls must be set prior to the race because Credit bonuses rely on them. I only had no control options in the very first stint.

    Also, you can change controls/assists between races via the pause menu.
  12. Yes sorry if I didn't make it clear, it does handle more like Forza than expected. The biggest change to me was breaking. You can get away with very late breaking comparatively. Not nearly as arcadey as one might expect though.
  13. They probably could have allowed the configuring of controls before the game actually got underway, but it's only for the intro segment where you're chasing Flynt towards the Horizon festival and you don't actually gain anything from the duel itself, there are no awards, credits etc. it just gets you to the location of the first challenge.

  14. I suppose on xbox they know what to target, but in SHIFT I could hardly see anything with the default gfx settings and controlling the car was quite insane because of the default wheel settings.(never mind not being able to see the default keymappings)

    I put it down and went back to something better.
    Until some time later I encountered some mod cars that I was really into that wanted a forza disc to install.. so I went and bought forza but did not have an xbox yet. Eventually I got tired of shift and figured I may as well just play forza if i wanted these cars.... and now I have an xbox.

    And then Forza 3 did pretty much the SAME thing to me. Driving a stinking modern audi. I did NOT buy forza to drive a damn audi. I bought it for old american muscle cars.
    And after /that/ they stuff you into the career with a miserable FWD to unlock initial stuff then you can run off and just use the event list directly. At least if I remember correctly you cannot use the event list until you win the first thing.. IDK. been a while and I could be mistaken. (I also did not buy forza to race FWD vehicles)

    The only reason I stuck with it is because forza has some cars that are simply not available at all in any PC sim.(with exception of where people rip the models from forza, but then you have to question the physics and we are not allowed to use stuff like that on RD)

    I will be interested in seeing a full car list for forza horizon. I know there is a partial one out, and there is some hope. If more suitable cars show up then I will probably end up a customer.
  15. I love the demo so far, with some Dirt style to it it makes it even better. so far the Soundtrack, handling, the VISUALS for a console are just mind blowing, Its almost better looking than GT5 (havent touched it ages) so yeah I really have high hopes for thise one...oh and that cockpit view w/ sunset :D

    Im glad I live in America ;)
  16. My impressions of FH is like many others here. The menus and general atmosphere make it feel like the DiRT series and the general feel of driving around is like TDU (e.g.: Set waypoint to a particular race destination and drive there). Physics wise (in Simulation mode ofcourse), its EXACTLY like Forza 4 so I'm quite happy about that. With FM3 and FM4, I got them on release day but Horizon, I might wait a while before getting it. Its a good game but I'm not sure if I'd be happy to pay full price for it now so I'd rather wait for it to go down and then I may get it.
  17. I wasn't knocking the game for what it is....I was just letting some people know who may not be aware that its an arcade racer..thats all. I really don't do any racing at all on consoles so it doesn't matter to me, either way. I tried the demo because a friend loves Forza and thats about it. It IS fun for what it is..

    sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way.
  18. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Typical Turn 10 Milk the tits off the Forza cow.. Just for the joke of it, I tried out the demo...OMG these Arcade only games need to stay off sim forums. Belongs in the childrens Toy section in the malls.. My GOD, way to go Turn 10 with destroying your simcade Forza series by throwing in a NFS arcade joke ripoff.. I'm soo tired of these games and dam glad its a 360 exclusive. Boring physics and it just doesn't seem fun.

    When you race ONLY hardcore realistic sims, you just don't give a dam about any Console racing. At least thats how I feel..
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  19. Looks better then GT5? Rofl..How about it looks better then FM4 jaggy non antialiasing piece of garbage. Sorry dude. I found that comment just insanely hilarious.. No Forza game has come close to touching GT5 Prologue or GT5 itself in the graphics department. PERIOD.. Everyone knows that as well..

    I will tell you this. Because they were stupid to make trees and water animations in FM4, they really used up a lot of memory that could of been used to make the cockpits look way nicer and smoother. Jaggies on the hood and dials on the dashboard are just plain ugly. The 360 is just soo underpowered now. It's running on life support.

    Horizons cockpit detail I must say looked a lot smoother and edges looked nicer. Dan Greenewalt the Yamauichi basher is just a joke in my eyes...lol's.
  20. Why?

    It's in a forum area that caters for Racing Games & Simulations. Forza Horizon I believe is a Racing Game.

    Whether it's good, bad or indifferent it has a place at RD. If you don't like the game, then you are entitled to your opinion.

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