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Forza Faithful Achievement

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Bradley Capps-Jenner, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Hi, can anyone help me please, I have forza 3 and have many files, money and cars on there, but I can't, (or more likely don't know how to, SO CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE?
  2. I've tried looking and surprisingly found no info on it. Did you get the option to do this when you first loaded up FM4?
  3. No, or not that I saw
  4. When I loaded FM4 for the first time it automatically did this for me. Also I had a corrupted layer groups file in FM4 that was making the game crash when I tried to load from it and when I deleted this file from the system file management and reloaded Forza it automatically asked if I wanted to import my FM3 designs.
  5. You cannot import your cars and/or credits from FM3. FM4 will automatically upload your profile from FM3 and then depending on achievments gained and credits earned in FM3, it will gift you selected cars and some credits to get you started in FM4. No total import.
  6. I've contacted turn 10 and they said I'm the only reported case in the world of this happening, oh well.
  7. I'm sure that somewhere on the menus there is an import button but I never checked it out as it all happened automatically when I loaded FM4.

    I would guess its there because I still have logos etc fixed to my fm3 crs that I could save as custom vinyls and import into fm4. If I remember I'll check it out later as I'm gonna get cracking on my civic liveries.
  8. There is no option in game to import anything from FM3. It should have done it on initial startup of FM4. I'd love to go back to try to get the unicorn cars.