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Forza 6 Reviews

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 6' started by Blkout, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. So the reviews are out and the game is getting glowing reviews. I've been playing it since Friday and I can say it's truly awesome. For gamepad users though, the new physics are a nightmare and make driving very difficult without using assists, but for wheel users, this game really comes to life. The FFB is MUCH improved over FM5 and honestly, just feels damn good for a console game. It may not quite be as good as the reference PC racing sims, but for a console its quite good. I see a lot of complaints on the Forza forum from Thrustmaster TX users, but I've had nothing but a wonderful experience with my Fanatec CSW v2.

    I've very pleased with this game so far, its much more polished than FM5 was and certainly has a lot more content. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am.
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  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
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    I got my copy just a few days ago, haven't done much in it yet but it will be good when i get more into it.
  3. There's same amount of CSW V2 users complains as with TX. FFB in Forza 6 doesn't exist.
    I mean real FFB, not substitute primitively transfered from gamepad sticks to 900 degree wheel.
    All you get is dull forces when turning, disappearing when u-steer (which is all the time), lack info ab. rear end so wheel player is pushed to drive continuously under the limit. No way to catch slips,
    cause it's already too late = spin. Also any other effect like going off road, crash, bump, kerb or wheel spin is jumble vibration. Tried V2 and Thrust TX.
    (sorry i've copy/paste my opinion from T10 forum)

    So my review from wheel user standpoint is that this game is unplayable.
    Completely different story when you hold a gamepad, unfortunately i didn't buy racing game to play it with pad...
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  4. There's quite a few Thrustmaster threads on the T10 forum but hardly anyone complaining about the CSW v2. The FFB is most certainly there so it must be your settings. I tried playing the game with a gamepad the first day and I thought it was much more difficult compared to FM5 however with the Fanatec CSW v2, The FFB is night and day compared to FM5 and quite decent. I've read your complaint at the T10 forum and I just don't agree, we'll leave it at that.
  5. I'm having the exact experience with my TX. The best setting I came up with is to set DOR to 600 with a TX wheel sensitivity setting to 2 flashes (whatever that is...) Which makes it playable, but not exactly immersive or fun.
  6. This may not help for any of you not using a CSW v2, but I set the wheel SENS to AUTO which just uses the in-game default DOR of 540, then I use vibration set to 100 and strength set to 40 in-game. I use FFB 100 on the wheel itself. This gives me wonderful FFB in FM6.

    On the Fanatec CSW v2, there is an AUTO setting for the FFB which will use whatever strength the game is set to but using that setting, I have to adjust the in-game FFB strength to 100 and even then it still feels slightly weaker than the settings I use.
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