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Forza 6 Demo

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 6' started by Blkout, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. The demo is out now on Xbox One. Its short but gives you a sample of whats to offer from the full game. You get to experience night racing and rain racing. The rain effects aren't as good looking as Project CARS but it does have the most realistic rain sound I've heard in a game and the road will puddle water and cause hydroplaning which I've never seen before in a racing game. The rain/wet road physics are the best I've ever played in a racing game.

    I'm pretty excited about the game from what I've seen in the demo.
  2. Surprisingly content rich demo, but I'm not quite sure if I actually like it or not. Driving feels good, nice tracks, nice graphics, nice weather, but at the same time it feels kind of boring. Maybe I've just played too much of these Forza games.

    Another thing, that indycar race with a controller was the most arcade thing there's ever been in any Forza motorsport game. I also hope that they're not gonna use that ridiculous mods system in multiplayer.
  3. Was talking to my mate last night who was playing the demo....and agreed that it felt too much arcade....now I haven't played any next gen Forza to know what it's like self...but with project it has rebalanced the field with driver ability instead of trick tunes and upgrades....from what I heard the people who would buy Forza again are the ones who weighed in project because they couldn't win.
  4. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    I do not have an optical connection anymore since my move so the 12 gigas download took ages !
    I finally did a few laps at 1 AM driving with a gamepad: the game looks very nice and it is great to have 24 cars on track on console.
    I hope wheels will work with the demo so I can test it too. Wheels support has been a bit disapointing in FM4 and 5 so I hope it will improve in this new game.

    Driving seems to have kept the Forza way. I immediately recognised and reminded the typical feeling of FM. I enjoy it but I have always been very slow with in Forza compared to Gran Turismo or PCars... I guess it won't change.
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  5. The FOV really sucks though, its worse than Forza 5. You sit way too far back in the cockpit view. Try the Leaderboard Challenge with the Corvette C7 in cockpit view.
  6. Played the demo today with a TX wheel and could not for the life of me control a Honda s2000 with out assists on. Could not have any power down when on a corner Would spin out at low speed. What settings are people using for TM TX wheel.
  7. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    I agree. I have not found any view I am really pleased with:
    - cockpit: the fov is a bit weird and anyway, personnaly cockpit view it is not my #1 choice except for open wheelers
    - bumper view: very very low. CAmery seems to be 2 cm above the ground. Very complicated to manage with other cars around.
    - Hood view: hoods look horrible and extremely low resolution with this view when paintjobs are applied on cars !
    - Exterior views: not applicable to simracing

    It is not really new for forza, except the bumber view that seems lower in each new FM game !
  8. Even though I hate the FOV and I don't care for the mod cards, at least they fixed the FFB for wheel users. FFB feels much improved compared to FM5.
  9. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Way too much under steer on the golf r, the thing is a total widow maker . Initial impressions are not good at all. Maybe the physics are better on the higher powered race cars but the slower road cars are a joke thus far.
  10. I also played the demo, the road cars are a bitch to drive lol. I had more wiggles and tank slappers than a drift car with all the aids of and may have to look into driving with a couple back on again, sounds kinda backwards for me. The indycar was fun to drive after the start but it was on an oval which didn't cause any major challenges. I thought the ford GT felt nice to drive before realizing that the demo makes you drive that will all the aids on, I think only pre build race cars may be fun to drive without aids, Speaking of which...

    I actually think what might be popular among many is using the actual touring cars themselves, it seems they got the licence for them. I mean I am sure more cars will be added but we do have a least 4 manufacturers from the BTCC ( Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Toyota.) sadly only a Honda from the WTCC and only a Volvo for the STCC so far but all the manufacturers are there from the V8SC's so there can be a nice mixed grid there, also they still seem to have the GT's and open wheeler like Indycar and Formula E.
  11. I tried the demo as well. There are a couple of things to take note of with the demo:

    1. None of the cars are "tuned" or "customized" with things like race suspension. But most importantly, they have street tires. I think they will be much more fun to drive once folks can get to building and tuning. I too found the the road cars very "strange" to deal with. They exhibited severe understeer which then transitioned into oversteer. The audi at Lime Rock was awful.

    2. The demo has the tendency to reset both assists and wheel settings when the player backs out then comes back in. Be sure to check them before driving.

    3. FOV sucks with no work around. My biggest gripe.

    -Snappy. My XBL GamerTag = GENTLEMANRACER