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FORZA 5 is going to kick Pcars into the long grass.

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Andy Jackson, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Unless WMD manage to make super big changes in my opinion. Just had a go on my son's Xbox one and FORZA 5 and I was blown away. The sounds, the graphics and the details are amazing. I normally hate the consoles but I might buy myself one now. PCars is going to have to go some to match Forza 5 in all departments. Honestly the game is fluid smooth and very polished. If Pcars can match it, then I will be buying the release version.

    I wish Forza 5 was available on the PC.
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  2. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Forza/Gran Turismo always looks polished and super smooth anyway. Question, is the handling realistic? Guess you might not be able to answer that if you're using a controller?
  3. You are correct, using a controller but by heck, it was fun. Remember, when Pcars hits the consoles (their biggest customer and target base), those people will be mainly using controllers too.
  4. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I remember trying to get into Forza 4 racing with UKOG but it felt bloody terrible compared to RACE PRO but sure did look pretty :)
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    We have a section dedicated to Forza 5
    so please carry on your conversation in there..

    This section is for PCars...

    but you know that already !!
  6. I know you have a Forza 5 section, but this post is relating to how I find Pcars at this present time in comparison. So with respect I think this conversation fits in well here and as more members compare the 2 games, the discussion can go forward. It's no different than any other Pcars thread comparing to other race sims is it? If someone compares Pcars to AC, would you tell them to go and carry on their conversation in the AC section?
  7. jimortality


    Ha! Forza always kicks arse to start with then you realise it's just the same old forza. looks nice.
  8. Does Forza have dynamic day/night transistion? Dynamic weather? No it doesn't. pCARS is investing a lot of time into getting that sort of thing right to have an overall greater experience.

    Also, for the same reasons will F5 kick AC into the long grass? AC is trying to appeal to the "mass market" more as well.
  9. I doubt it does have dynamic lighting etc, but I would suggest that that is way down on most peoples needs when it comes to a driving game. I hope Pcars is better than Forza 5 when it is released, because if it is better it will be superb. I am just saying they need to up their game a bit because the current build is not even on the same planet at this present time.
  10. Dynamic day/night (not just lighting) and weather is very near the top of my list. We all talk about realism and the lack thereof, well IMO NOT having dynamic day/night and weather reduces the overall realism considerably. It also adds to the overall complexity and thus takes time to develop properly.

    Does F5 have practise and qualifying and races that last more that 5 laps, because if not then again it's failing considerably in the realism and overall "goodness" department.

    I will agree on one thing, if pCARS can indeed deliver on the physics front (and it's very clear to me that is the overall aim and SMS are busting a gut to get there) then it will be a very good sim indeed, and it will blow F5 out of the water.
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  11. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I believe PCars will have 2 releases. A full blown sim, aimed at the hardcore sim racer and released on PC. Then a toned down, more simcade version aimed at a mass market and will be released on console? Unless that strategy has changed since I last read through the forums at WMD
  12. From what I know that was not the case, not sure exactly how much I'm allowed to say on the subject (which,thinking about it, ironically justifies the forums position). I am certain that consoles will get a feature complete version, about time console owners got to experience a proper race weekend structure in a game like this.
  13. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    The problem developers have with the console customer, it's a very "pick up and play" market and they have to play to that fiddle. If the average Joe can't pick up a game and instantly have fun and win online races, he'll soon move on. Us PC sim racers are looking for more a hardcore experience and are quite happy to spend hours and hours honing our skills and bring as realistic experience as is possible.
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  14. Totally agree. That's why I don't think Pcars has what it takes yet. I think they will really need to up their game once they have tried Forza 5.
    Just my opinion of course.
  15. So pCARS will have the option to skip all the (IMO) "good" stuff of practise quali and pro physics for the casuals, but it's there for many to try and many will like it. That in turn will increase the user base, I realise it won't be millions, but even a few thousand will maybe get a few more buying PCs for the wider choices.
  16. Without practise and qualifying and proper race distances then all the "gloss" of Forza is irrelevant. The racing "expereince" of these games is completely lacking. I for one hate starting last every race and having just 3-5 laps to win, that encourages risk taking and very bad driving habits.
  17. I still think Forza will kick Pcars into the long grass purely because the target audience is console gamer based. So a couple of thousand will buy the PC version. Hardly enough to make PCars a sim in the real sense. But we will hope and see what the final outcome is like. I hope it is brilliant and a worthy sequal to the Shift series (Which I love by the way).
  18. I remeber how, during the 80ies, me and my brother pondered about whats possible in the future with better computers. How it will be to have physics amazing graphics and how one is perfectly good with racing in a simulator. We had our wildest nerd dreams. And now I´m in the future and people are like "oh lets play arcade". Seriously what the actual ****? Future sucks!

    I have an expensive quadcore PC and having the most fun playing 3€ retrogames like "gunpoint".
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
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  19. Incorrect, pCARS is going after BOTH markets. It won't sell anywhere near as much as Forza that is obvious, but if it gets a few Forza and GT fans into proper simming then that can only be good. You seriously have a massive chip on your shoulder regarding this game.
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  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You just had to kick back the life into the controversial threads after a month of inactivity eh?

    And now the trolling from both sides continues again. Well done!

    Just agree to disagree and move along as the two / three / four of you will never find a compromise.
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