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Misc Formula Vee - Alternate Gauges & Instrument Panel Skin Pack 2.0

Formula Vee - Alternate Gauges & Instrument Panel Skin Pack

  1. Tommi-TAG submitted a new resource:

    Formula Vee - Alternate Gauges (White/Black) - Alternate Gauges (White/Black) for "Formula Vee".

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  2. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Thank you Tommy. I like the idea. Why not continuing with red, blue or yellow? I dont know this exact work needed but it can be a nice addition.
    Perhaps simply modifying your bmp?
  3. Thanks for your comment, Patrick.
    Yes, I thought of the same idea. But as far as I've checked, most of the real Formula Vee cars use the simple White/Black gauges (and some cars use the digital gauge). So, I edited the White/Black gauges this time.
    The original White/Black meter + Orange needle looks simple and beautiful for me. :)
    Thank you!
  4. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    thank you for this looks great... argh decisions, decisions, on what combination to run lol :D
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  5. Thanks for comment, Rob. :)
    All thanks to the base textures by Reiza Team.
    Watching the on-board videos on YouTube, each team has its own unique cockpit, and I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere of some of them in-game.
    I'm glad if we can share the pleasure of Formula Vee car driving. :)
    Thanks again!
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  6. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    just wanted to say... loving the carbon fibre instrument panel :D
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  7. Thanks for your reply, Rob. :)
    Here are some pics of the real Formula Vee Cars' cockpits which I found on the web.
    (Reiza Team is doing a really great job! :thumbsup:)


    I like the Formula V12 cockpit and used its carbon texture as a base.
    I love the atmosphere of both "Metal & Carbon", and glad you like the carbon one, too.
    Thanks again! :)
  8. doesn't work here. Copied the 5 texture files (bmp and dds) to F_Vee folder in Vehicles. No luck
  9. Hi, leon_90.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Could you please read my Readme once again?

    2. Please choose the folder which you want to install.
    And copy & paste the files (.DDS & .BMP) in it into your "Game Stock Car Extreme" installation directory.

    (Note: into the same directory where "GSC.exe" is located.)



    (Note: into the "Vehicles" folder.)

    Into the "Vehicles" folder, not "F_Vee" folder.
    If it still does not work, please try installing into "C:\GSC2013" folder.
    Hope you can solve the problem. :)
  10. Sorry, will report back asap ;) thank you :)
  11. Thanks for your reply, leon_90.
    It's a bit confusing, so I added "Note" comment.
    Maybe, it should work. Please let me know if there is still some problem.
    Thank you! :)
  12. Everything working fine now (copied in "vehicles" folder) thank you and, again, sorry :)
  13. Thanks for your kind reply, leon_90.
    I'm relieved to hear that, and glad if you enjoy this Mod.
    Thanks again! :)