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Formula V12 Sunday league in GSCE at PRC

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Kobay, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. (Didn't there used to be a sticky thread to announce race leagues outside of RD? Is it OK putting this thread here? If not, please move to the appropriate place. Thanks.)

    We're going to do one last league in Stock Car Extreme before switching over to AMS.

    45 minute races. Qualy starts at 8:00pm UK time, race starts about 8:15pm.

    Formula V12 is pretty forgiving and a lot of fun to drive. We welcome less experienced drivers, so we allow TC and ABS if you need it to control the car, but you can't use them for a competitive advantage. We're easy going and respect each other on track, so we're looking for drivers who want to have fun and don't get into a lot of conflicts with other drivers.

    We also run an rFactor 2 league on Saturdays.


    Join the forum and go to Stock Car Extreme / Events / Sunday / V12 Sign Up.
  2. We had a fun race at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. We're still looking for a few more drivers. After a three-month gap since our last series, we lost some of our regulars. Here's a championship chart that I maintain for our GSCE races:


    In the upper right of this page, go to "Championship Notes" to find direct links to the track downloads for this series.

    Next up is the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona. The Barcelona 4.02 track is very well done. We'll be racing the 2003 layout, which has the fast, fun 3rd sector (bypassing the chicane). If you have the car set up nicely, Barcelona is a very fun track to drive. Use the above link to download the track (from RD). Then in the GSCE multiplayer browser, look for PhoenixRacingClub.net. You'll see under Circuit it says "Autumn 2003 Layout".

    Also, go to our LiveRacers page and compare your best time with others in the club:

  3. On Sunday May 15 we are going to do a one hour race at Spa. With everyone moving over to AMS, we need more racers! Formula V12 at Spa is fantastic, and the Spa v4.02 track is very well done. Why don't you give it a try—here's the direct link to download Spa v4.02 from Race Department.

    Get on our server and set a time. Go to LiveRacers to see the times that everyone is setting:
    Live Racers
    (Click on the "Game Stock Car - Formula V12 - Spa Francorchamps" box on the left)

    If you're available on Sunday May 15 at 8:00 pm UK time (12:00 pm California time, 3:00 pm New York time) why don't you come race with us?

    While it's best to sign up on our forum, the minimum you have to do—aside from installing the track—is to go to our home page to connect to our TeamSpeak server. You should be in TeamSpeak at least 15 minutes before the event starts to get your TS permission upgraded and get the password for the server.

    To improve the immersion, you can also install the optional 1995 F1 skinpack. (This skin pack updates the skins of the default teams and drivers. In other words, the original GSCE team and driver names and numbers remain the same, only the skins of the cars are updated. This ensures compatibility between people who run the default content and those who install the skin pack.)