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Skins Formula V10 Steering Wheel Skins 1.1

Replaces Reiza-Logo on SW

  1. Tertre Rouge submitted a new resource:

    Formula V10 Steering Weel Skins - Replaces Reiza-Logo on SW

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  2. You're not some talkative type huh? :geek:

    And yet I'm the only who rate your mod and with all five stars. Wow on me.
    Not to mention that you're a little bit inspired by my mod, at least after this update, I just wait for next update to see if you will too add that logo on top of the wheel like I did. ;)
    You need to loosen up a bit, we're all friends here you know... :p
  3. You´re right that I´ve been inspired by your mod. I wanted to see if I could do a wheel skin by myself and started it as a little fun project. This is what came out after some trial&error.
    Adding something on top of the wheel is not planned, but I don´t know how to do it anyway:)