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Formula Truck Racing Club This Week / 15

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Apr 7, 2013.

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  2. I was planning to make an application and join club races, but seeing that all races starts at 20GMT, that's 22 here in Finland, it's a no go for me. Shame really as I was kinda excited to start racing online again, my last online race was with LFS maybe 7-8 years ago.
  3. Yes I agree, 20GMT is 15 here, we are still at work. But the guys here at RD went out of there way to set up races for are time zones a couple of months ago for GSC and only a few signed up, so they dropped it.:thumbsdown: But they do have some weekend races that you could sign up for, its the weekend, stay up late and sleep in. I have been looking at the sign up sheets for the races(GSC/FT) and it seems that only a few are signing up. I do try and see if I can join a weekend race but weekends are a busy time for me with family obligations.
  4. It's not matter of day. It's matter of time. I wake up early and usually at 22 I'm too tired to concentrate racing and it's not enjoyable anymore. 19GMT would be more fair for us east europeans. But I guess RD club racing just isn't for me then.
  5. Same here as Jebus. I live in Finland too and during the weeks I have to wake up very early and then I'm very tired at 20 GMT and concentration becomes difficult. Saturday is the only race day for me really.
    But if the current time is good for most of us here, then no need to change it, even though I'd like to.

    Still I'll definitely buy this game and try to join the club races!
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  6. how can i singup to event? i have
    "(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)" instead of reply field
  7. You need to apply for a license here
  8. thank you