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Formula Truck Delay Confirmed

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Kai Lohmann, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    As we all though it wont happen it does happen::(

    Folks, as you might have noticed we’ve blown the prediction of releasing Formula Truck by the end of january, despite our best efforts. There are just a few remaining details and this should not be a big delay. In any case we apologise specially to those who have made their pre-purchase, and make it clear that you have the option to cancel it at any time until actual release, if you so prefer.

    As they now also offer to get our money back from the preorders i really feel not so good about a soon release.
    At the end its a real FAIL from Reiza to not cover all licenses before offering a preorder!
  2. Meh. It comes when it's ready. Pre-ordered and will keep that order until the game is released. Month or two delay means nothing.

    Hardly a big fail from Reiza, just a small hickup.
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  3. is it only a licenses issue?
  4. I agree its there if its there, but its for sure a fail from reiza to announce something WITHOUT having licenses for it.;)
  5. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    A bit to easy to say, without any insights in their correspondence....

    Quick example, how do you know that it's Reiza, and not the issuer of the license who is suddenly giving hickups...

    Yes, its a shame the game is delayed, but imo the opening post is a bit overreacted. Big fail? As said, you don't know what happend, so you can't judge.

    The game will come, and the game will be great. I am sure of that. Just be a bit patient.
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  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Very easy to shout "FAIL" without knowing any facts Kai. :thumbsdown:

    Also the fact that they offer a money back for impatient people is a good gesture to make towards their customers. I doubt anyone will make use of that though.

    Edit: ninja'd by Marco Calling Bijl above :D
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  7. Sorry if it sounds harsh first, that wasnt meant that way. English isnt my native language so maybe thats the problem here.
    Anyway, i wont get my money back for sure as i know it will be a great game but a "fail/problem" is what it is.
  8. Where did they say it's related to license issues? Only read " a few remaining details".
  9. Reiza talk about the licensing issues some days ago, and since i know what licensing means i presumed that the delay is up to that.
    What do you think how responisve a F1 Truck racing team is??

    Marco Bijl
    Thats something should be covered BEFORE you announce a game or gamerelease in my opinion.
  10. Claudio Gandolfi

    Claudio Gandolfi
    Pheripheral consumer

    Reiza guys have all my comprehension, and pre-order support:
    an importand game release like this, may include last minute discovered bugs or technical problems.

    I prefer to wait a little bit more than rather patches after :)
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  11. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    We do consider making a Game available for pre-order with a ballpark release schedule, and not making it a bit of a fail. We appreciate the general comprehension this has been met with though, here and elsewhere. It´s good to know that people are willing to cut us some slack :) But it´s good will that should not be abused.

    And to clarify, the delay is not due to a single issue, it´s a bit of this and a bit of that which put together means the project was not ready in the schedule we predicted. It is however just a matter of some extra time.
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  12. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    My friend, there are always issues that can occur, outside of your field of influence. That was what I was intended to say. Nothing more :)

    Thanks for the clarification! Delays can always happen, and to me, it's simple.

    I rather have you release a quality game, 1 month late, then release a sh*ty game, just because you want to keep schedule. I am pretty sure most here will agree on that :)
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  13. aslong as i can burn some rubber on the new tracks when it's released im happy :p
  14. Aah missed that post :)

    Can't wait to run these trucks
  15. I believe Reiza is going to launch a top quality game, they did it before, so let´s have patience while they're working on it. People who pre-ordered have reason on getting disapointed since Reiza gave us a launch date, but Reiza is coming here to give us a feedback, apologizing for the delay and offering the option of giving the money back for those who don't want to wait a little more. My particular decision is to wait and support Reiza.
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  16. Yeah, waiting is a "No-Brain-er" but, it's good to see RS keep us updated and make that offer. Although, I find it hard to believe that there will be many "takers".
  17. I guess we'll survive. I worked with manufacturers before on licensing issues, and I would rather give , myself a root canal without anesthesia than do it again, so I totally understand what the Reiza guys are going through. My guess is either some lawyer or some bean counter hit the brakes because they were not consulted beforehand. Probably a more junior person made the deal, asked them to sign off, they were too busy but now they woke up and decided to show everybody who's boss.

    Yes, I am wildly speculating, but I have seen this scenario play out repeatedly.

    By the way, in the hopes that the Reiza guys will read this thread again, I have a few suggestions for them should they be looking for ideas in case the Senna game is delayed or they are looking for future endeavors:

    1950's Formula 1 cars - probably easier to get license for and grossly underrepresented so far. It would be great to have the transition from front to back engined cars.

    1960/70 Nascar - I am flabbergasted that no game company has come up with real vintage Nascar yet. When cars were actual stock cars and the color and shapes made you drool. A lot sexier than modern Nascar and again, the licenses should be easier to get. Also, no stick on headlights. That alone would make it worth.

    A Rally Game - I envision a rally game with dynamic stages. Basically each stage would be made up of a series of turns, straights and other components (LEGO style) that get put together dynamically for each race, giving you the chance to practice once in a slow car and then go for it with pacenotes. Should start with group B cars, of course.

    Reiza Karts - Smaller than Real Life mini karts with mustachioed tiny men in overalls driving along with a princess and King Kong. The whole thing set to some catchy jingle.
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  18. Take your time fellas at Reiza. As was already said, i,we support you guys for what yopu do. I'd rather have any bugs be gone. :thumbsup:
  19. its better a delay on a schedule and a finest game, instead the opposite. i wont ask my money back reiza.
  20. theres 25 new screenshots been released by Reiza, from the looks of it there is no Ford/Iveco licence. Not so sure about the Scania one either