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Formula target @ Spa Franchorchamps Wednesday 6 October 2010

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bjorn de Haas, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. A race event on Spa franchorchamps with the Formula target car.

    Keep in mind this event is about fun and respect, winning is secondary.


    Simulation: netKar PRO 1.1 click here to purchase online for EUR 19.90

    Class: Formula target
    Track: Spa franchorchamps
    Practice: 19:00 GMT
    Qualification: 19:15 GMT
    Race: 19:30 GMT ( 2 x 10 laps )

    Special note: After race 1 we will run qualy again to determine the second race starting grid.

    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules

    Special Note: TeamSpeak is strongly advised. Guide to set up TS can be found here!


    1 Bjorn de Haas
    2 Jim mcghee
    3 Senad subasic
    5 Daniel Ouff
    4 Allesandro Gamberini
    6 Andrew scott
    7 Mattia Gottardi
    8 Claudio Gandolfi

  2. Hi

    sign me up, this will be my second event with netKar PRO .
  3. I'll definitely be there :good:
  4. me too. Spa rocks
  5. first race is too early for me, can you sign me in only for the second one ?
    I can't miss SPA on an F3 :D
  6. Alex i keep your place reserved mate
  7. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Oki-Doki, I'm in, sign me up please
  8. I did a few laps last night and got a 2.18 time but was 4 seconds off the fastest time. Most people were running 2.20s so who knows what a representative time will be. Lap record is 2.10 which is just evil:cool:
  9. I drove it a few weeks ago, did a 2m56.697 :D
  10. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Ive been knocking out low to mid 2:18's constantly :)

    But managed a 2:17:7 yesterday, hope to drop into the 16's during practise today.

    Hehehe, just dawned on me, I'll have to set my alarm for this one as it's 3am start for me :/
  11. Im gonna start practise saturday for this one gonna need alot of top speed at the straight and good balance
  12. Telemetry would be appreciated. If nothing else, it's fun to look at :D
  13. Senad if i look at telemetry and see all the numbers etc. i get stressed:p
  14. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Whats telemetry?

    I go by feel, if it feels good go for it, rofl.
  15. Data from the car, everything you can think of. From speed, throttle and braking, to front left suspension travel :D

    When you finish your run, files are saved in C:\Users\senad\Documents\netKar PRO\aim (with your username instead of mine). You can then open that in Race Studio, and enjoy the data :D
  16. I just got that Telemetry programme but can't get it to load the dump file - just crashes.

    I wanted it to try and sort out the Target. I did a 2.17 yesterday in the F2000 and was seeing 255kph at the braking marker for the bustop chichane on a really good lap. Today however, in the Target, I am just nudging 251 kph on my best run and 2.18 seconds lap. I think a 2.16 is there if I put it all together and make no mistakes, but christ the target is hard to get setup. Even on the lowest Wings - 5fr/10R - it is slower than the 2000, at least for me. More practice I think :)
  17. Could you upload the file to www.speedyshare.com please? To see if I could load it, and to see how to drive :D
  18. Mmm... data :D

  19. That is cool. Just got it to load myself and it is the 1600 @ prato where I got down to a 1.40. :cool: