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Formula SimRacing World Trophy Highlights Sample Intro

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. As Requested by James Peutherer this the Intro i will Use to introduce the WT Highlights Program about a day or two after the actual WT race has finished Enjoy
  2. FSR is not sponsored by Nemesis Racing. And rSeat is a sponsor.

    And also, when using the trademarks of a comercial company, in that case Thrustmaster, we (FSR) need a written approval, because we have a contract with them and we can't play with such things. If you want to produce some kind of "official content" you have to follow some rules, otherwise I'd suggest you to use only FSR logos, as Puschke did. For those reasons I ask you to make the video private until you have an official approval.
  3. ok i understand
  4. Yeah, Ron. As David said before. This isn't an official highlights program, if you reuploaded the intro and put unofficial highlights and removed the simracetv and thrustmaster things, it would be fine. But right now you're not an official producer.
  5. I.e. Ron, Nemesis Racing sponsors the Highlights program not FSR. Which is why thrustmaster and things shouldn't be there.
  6. Updated Intro will be uploaded Tonight Without Sponsers other than SimRace.tv and RD
  7. Will Nemesis still be included?
  8. If you are going to, I'd suggest putting Highlights of Racedepartment formula sim racing. Highlights sponsored by Nemesis Racing. That'd be safer.
  9. ok but here is the updated highlights titles until last update tonight
  10. Also I don't think you have permission to use simracetv and racedepartment.
  11. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Looks good Ron.

    I know the deal with the logos might seem overly bureaucratic, but as David said, the deals we have with Thrustmaster, rSeat etc are contracts with conditions so they need to approved.

    The second intro should be fine. Nice job!
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  12. I'm really pleased to be working with Ron on these WT Highlights videos. I will be trying my hardest to get all the proper highlights and Ron will be working hard on putting it together and commentating, final intro coming tommorow.
  13. Thanks Si and James it should be Ready this Afternoon
  14. Hi this Version will be Used for Private Testing and Belgian Grand Prix only a updated Version of the Second Intro will be Used from Monza Onwards anyway enjoy the Video
  15. Oh by the way you spelt sponsored wrong.
  16. Okay will be sorted in the Updated Second Intro
  17. Is that intro today or monza?
  18. Also for copyright reasons, I advise you make the first two private.
  19. the upcoming intro is for Monza Onwards and i will make the fist two intros private
  20. Here is the Final Version for Monza Onwards