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Formula-Simracing.net & Precision Motorsports host Race of Champions

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Nov 28, 2010.

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    After a long and hopefully rewarding FSR season the time of the year is again ahead upon us when the world's best drivers fight parallel on the same piece of race track, namely at the Race of Champions event. Formula-Simracing.net and Precision Motorsports have decided together to organize this special event for 2010 - a spectacle taking place at next Saturday, December 4th, starting from 18:00 CET onwards.

    The event will feature a number of pre invited start drivers from the Formula-Simracing 2010 season, including World Champion Bono Huis and FSR Legend Bruno Marques. However a few seats are open to the general public.

    All drivers will in the spirit of the Race of Champions go through a group phase and a knockout system, having to drive several sports- and rallycars, culminating into the final, where the two best drivers of the evening will go head to head against each other.

    To ensure equal chances to all drivers the Cars and the track used in the event will be kept secret until shortly before the start of the event.

    Next to the invited FSR Star drivers there are seats kept open for a few wild cards to which everyone is invited to apply. All applicants will go through a qualifying event on Saturday, December 4th 13:00 CET on a public Mod and public track which will be anounced later, to decide the lucky winners of the wild cards which give you the chance to take it on against some of the best simracers in the world.
    (Full details regarding the Wild Card event will be given to the applicants via e-mail)

    The event will also be Live Broadcasted with the usual FSR Quality Commentators and Cameraworkers.

    We are looking to present an eventful evening of simracing action and coming together for both the drivers and spectators.

    Apply here for a Wild Card
  2. Hello everyone.

    Here is a list of the Pre-Invited Drivers who will be participating.

    we have 9 seats open to Wild Card Drivers, don´t miss to register.

    1. Bono Huis
    2. Bruno Marques
    3. David Greco
    4. Rasmus Tali
    5. Mattias Stahre
    6. Cyril Werdmuller
    7. Atze Kerkhof
    8. Mikko Puumalainen
    9. Dennis Hirrle
    10. Allar Foht
    11. John-Eric Saxén
    12. Machiel Schoenbeck
    13. Henri Viirok
    14. Jeffrey Rietveld
    15. Pedro Melim
  3. GLA guys :)
  4. final update sent to the RoC drivers.
    Please notify me if you didn´t receive it.
  5. Congratulations to Ondrej for becoming 2010 Drivers RoC Champion and for Jeffrey for the runner-up spot!
  6. Looked fun, shame i was not invited.. there were alot of twister and precision drivers there... kina strange that one aint it :D
  7. Sigh... noob error on my porsche round... lool, I can't repeat it again :tongue:
  8. Thanks for organizing this guys. It was great fun ! Congrats to Ondrej for winning. I didnt expect to be in the finals at all so it's a good achievement for me I think. And I need to work on my nerves for such races, they're kinda much a bottleneck :p
  9. Thanks for letting me take part. Was alot of fun and I got the WC and the Presidents scalps :D

    Should of spent less time fidling with the Ferrari's seat position and concentrate on my lines :p.
  10. good fun, good organizing, good advertisement for fsr. thanks all
  11. Yeah thanks guys, it was really a great event to finish the season, lots of fun.
    Hopefully in 2011 FSR will do this again but this time please not only with touring cars. :D
  12. Well thats a lie lol...

    I spoke with Johannes last night had a good chat etc.. he told me it was due to the fact it was a precision thing only at first but then dennis asked you guys to open it up to others too.. some didnt like how it was closed off from everyone it does not do the 'bias' any good for the league.. but as you guys hosted it i thought it was fair that you guys were majority in end.. plus next year i guess it will have more time to be open as it was a success !

    I didnt like the fact i had to apply for a wildcard to take part i found that kind of insulting lol.. i am a 'top driver' i should not have to apply.. is my opinion anyway.. hopefully next year it will be even bigger event and more can take part as i loved the show !
  13. hehe ok ! anyway well done on the event.. seems alot of people liked it !
  14. yeah it was nice, and showed what a noob i am :D Congrats Ondrej :D