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PC Formula Rookie @ Donington GP 25/11/15

Discussion in 'Project CARS Racing Club' started by Icarus2007, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Icarus2007


    European and UK Drivers only please

    The 1st of 9 single races going through all the Formula cars, Every Wednesday:

    To sign up, leave your Steam name below and I'll pm you the server and Teamspeak details(there is no pressure to join Teamspeak), or join the Euro Sim Racers Steam Group, the server and TS details will be sent in the Steam Event announcement, send a friend invite to T*R*U*E*B*R*I*T and I'll invite you to the group.

    If you would like to sign up for all races in this series sign up to our website and add your Steam name to this post.

    30 Min Practice 7:30 p.m. GMT
    15 Min Qualifying 8:00 p.m. GMT
    45 Min Race 8:15 p.m. GMT

    Conditions: Midday start , real time, clear weather.

    Rolling start:No
    Manual gears only
    Driver view-not restricted
    Realistic driving aids only
    Allow set-ups YES
    Mechanical failures-ON
    Tire wear-to be set per race
    Fuel usage-REAL
    Auto engine start-YES
    Flags and penalties-ON

    Formula Rookie @ Donington GP 25/11/15
    Formula Gulf @ Sakitto GP 02/12/15
    Formula C @ Hockenheim GP 09/12/15
    Formula B @ Road America 16/12/15

    Christmas Break

    Formula A @ Spa 06/01/16
    Lotus Type 49 @ Watkins Glen GP 13/01/16
    Lotus Type 72D @ Snetterton 200 20/01/16
    Lotus Type 78 @ Le Circuit Bugatti 27/01/16
    Lotus Type 98T @ Monza GP 03/02/16

    Ham Solo

    Do NOT share server or Teamspeak details/passwords with anyone outside the group without my permission.

    No divebombing. (Going too fast in to a corner and causing a wreck) Taking an early inside line in to a corner and making the other driver take a wide line is not divebombing. If in doubt, the driver on the racing line has right of way.

    No ramming, do not try and drive through someone if they are slower than you, had a bad start, or have lost control of their car, if someone is in your way, brake and go around them.

    No blocking on hotlap, if you ruin your hotlap get out of the way of other drivers fighting for pole, try to create space in front for your qualifying lap to avoid "racing" in qualifying.

    Rejoin the track only when clear and safe to do so.

    Do not use contact to overtake (this includes A.I.) I know contact sometimes happens, but do not push cars out of the way. Anyone caught ramming WILL lose points.

    Be polite and say sorry if you make a mistake.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015