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Formula Retro and Classic HW consuming?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Richard Eriksson, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Hi.

    I love GSC 2013, this is my first contact with GSC, and i have to say, this is my new favourite sim. The handling is amazing! Also it looks quite pretty, when you crank it up.

    One issue i seem to have however is that framerate takes a serious hit when running full grids of either Retro or Classic ow's on certain tracks. This is when most cars on full 25 car grid is in view at the same time.

    25 retros on interlagos for instance is enough to bring framerates to 35 in replays on my dual GTX680 SLI setup, in 1920 singlescreen, likewise with SLI off (one card). 100%usage of card.

    Race from back of grid is borderlining 60-70 fps with 25 cars.

    However if i choose F3 or Stocks i can run 33 car grid on same tracks with 25-35% GPU usage...

    Just wanted to see if others have issues? Is it a possible issue with the models? Like a LOD case?

    Not a big deal, as i can race full grids, at 60 fps, as stated, but i am curious as to the increase from 35% to 100% usage on GPU.

    Also, turning off AA does little. As soon as some replay angle is used that brings full field into view there is a massive drop in frametimes and GPU usage spikes.

    Running +fullproc and my CPU cores are evenly used.

    GPU is 2x GTX680 4Gb. Factory OC 1050Mhz. (however i run in single card, for isi-engines).

    However, i must say, with CSAA forced and all at max, it really does look fantastic! At par with rF2 if not better according to me. And as i said, the handling and FFB is just amazing!

    Loving it as a whole.
  2. Think i found something, adding to bug thread