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Formula Renault 3.5 - Malaysia

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Setups' started by Sean Smith, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. 149:732 During race @ Lap 6 final lap.
    No Aids
    G25 FFB Wheel
    Dry weather
    Updated setup 15/01/2012

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  2. My set that i used today for Sepang, still needs work but was able to do 1.45.5 with it. (E: 1.45.1xx now )

    E: Just popped to my mind that i use lower rotation for my wheel (270 atm for this car ) than stock so if you are using stock one you probably want to increase steering lock around 21-23.

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  3. interesting!
    but where do i put this one?
  4. Just drop the file to rFactor root folder -> userdata -> player -> settings -> Malaysian_Gp
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  5. thanx feels better!
  6. Thank you , Ill give it a go , hopefully knock off a second or 2 from my 1:49:900
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  7. I put a blend of mine and yours , feels really good, ill update my file , Cheers johnnyw
    Let me know ? Ahh No aids

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  8. Well tested your changes and it definately feels more stable but has bit too much understeer for me. i like more pointy car even that it might be bit more on the nervous side.

    And yes no aids
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  9. Thanks for sharing guys! Appreciate a lot! ;)
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  10. nice one.. too much understeer though
  11. Any new setups yet?
    I like the setup from Crowbar; good feeling of the car. But somehow the setup of johnnyw is faster..

    And which downforce package do you use? (you can choose the downforce package in the tuning menu; when selecting the car)
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  12. Doesn't matter the setup because neither the Sepang track nor the FR3.5 nor the rF2 engine is good. It is impossible to make this car stop to bounce unrealisticly on the track. I insisted and tried the setups posted here and made no difference. The way this car jumps on turn 1 bumps is horrible.

    This game still needs a lot of work.
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  13. :eek:
  14. @mechamorafa; After a couple of laps, the car doesn't bounce that much, you need to get some heat in the tires.
    However; back on topic;
    Which downforce package do you guys use? (you can choose the downforce package in the tuning menu; when selecting the car). Also what about the settings of rear roll centre (also in the tuning menu)?
  15. @mathijs Medium and default

  16. Johnyw, what downforce package and rear roll centre are you using?

    Can you post a replay of your 1.45? I'n not a bad driver but I'm doing 1.52s. I can see where I can gain a second or two but not 7!?!?

  17. @billcar

    I'm struggling to get below 1m50 as well. Best I could do up to now is 1m50.7s (using the second version of SS F35@MalaysianGP that Sean posted, great setup btw!). Still a few mistakes in the lap, see youtube video, but how to win 5 more seconds...

  18. Hi Raymond2, Did you try doing 20 to 30 laps in a row and built up speed easily each lap , this will give you time to bring your focus to the track in a more relaxed way and then check your times at the end of the session you should be surprised. :)
  19. My time until 1.49.851