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Formula Pro Pacific - Series S4 (Race 07)

Discussion in 'Presto GP - Pacific Series' started by Steve Crossland, May 27, 2010.

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  1. David Noden

    David Noden Licensed

    unfortunately the server name and password have not been updated, so the server name is PrestoGP Hokenheim 67lap and the password is the standard practice race password.
  2. David Noden

    David Noden Licensed

    Well that sux....

    Had a great qual session, did a PB of 1.13.495 which put me in 2nd behind Christian Ramlow, well done on your time mate, very quick.

    Had a poor start spinning the wheels off the line to much and lost 2 positions, also think I held David Street up, sorry mate. First lap I just wanted to warm the tyres up and then go for it, coming out of the hairpin I had better traction than David McCradic in front and managed to slip down the inside going into the next left hand corner. I was now in 3rd and catching Zizzo and Ramlow in front, within a lap I was on Zizzo's tail and for the next couple I was right behind him with less than a second seperating the top 3, we had a great little battle until lap 6 where I had an Nvidia freeze coming out of the fast Turn 1 just sitting there right on the exit point. I had a gap of 23 seconds back to 4th so I was hoping my game would come back before the next lot of cars came around, just as my screen came back to me Mitchell Smith didn't see my car sitting there and slammed into the rear of my car and sent us both off spinning.

    My pit crew said I only had suspension damage so I tried to limp back around to pits, the car was so undriveable, but I wanted to get to pits to fix the car and try and retrieve some points.. On the way back I was getting engine over heating issues and pulling out of the way to let cars past, unfortunately for me I wedged myself on some grass and tarmac and because of my damage I couldn't get off and ended up having the engine overheat...

    I'm absolutely shattered as I had a good pit strategy and good pace to grab a podium..

    Sorry for wrecking Mitchell Smith's race, but there was nothing I could do...

    After just looking at my car in pits I'm missing the rear wing and rear right wheel....
  3. Mitchell Smith

    Mitchell Smith Licensed

    I did see your car. You were rolling backwards as I tried to avoid it. I saw your car after the crash, you lost a rear tyre.

    You can say sorry all you want it won't change anything. I was solid in 4th at Hockenheim. You have no idea how much that would've meant to me, the car was literally perfect, my strategy was a 1-stop and I was faster then the guys behind me.

    Still can't belive that just happened.
  4. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence Premium Licensed

    well that was weird ended up racing by myself for 6 laps gave up because no one was racing with me , and that pit lane is a doozy 1 km long lol
  5. Christian Ramlow

    Christian Ramlow Licensed

    pewww hard race , but sooo perfect 4 me

    my qualy time uiuiui 1:12:799 new pb ...I don´t know where I got the time
    my race was pretty normal .. i have a good pace. startet with 100 L and fuel 2 times 60 L .. this was the 25 seconds to win this race. in stint 2 and 3 i have a good control of zizzo and i can save my tyres and p1

    very hard for david .. his pace was nice to get 1 2 or 3 fu... nividia with gtr-. have the same **** after 6 month´s. gtr crashed my card complete. so i have a radeon now ,,, and no freezes yet

    but never give up m8 u have seen vettel in the last 3 races. I hope we see an exciting final in Valenica be

    sry 4 english .... u know im german :) i´ll do my best

    cu in Valenica
  6. Steve Crossland

    Steve Crossland Licensed

    I had a very hard weekend - 5 gigs in three days & then to top it all off I was roped into helping out at my daughter's school so my day was gone even before I knew what had happened.

    Also, I find that I have lost a lot of drive or motivation for this game over the past few months & find myself more at home having the odd play in either presto or public servers. But practicing for a full two weeks solid just to be competitive is just too much at this time of year. Add to that having to deal with the dramas of fellow racers (from around halfway in the season) and it all became a job that I just really had no interest in doing. Racing to me should be fun and the admin side sucked all the fun out of it slowly over time.

    I'm really not sure exactly how my role will fit into the next season. I may pass it all onto David, well he's been pretty much running the show from around halfway through the season so it will probably continue in his capable hands. He's done a great job I might add.

    Thanks to those who have supported the FPPS to date either by providing the servers, helping others or just by turning up to race. It's a constant battle to keep grids full and a lot of it is recruiting new guys.
  7. Brendan Crosby

    Brendan Crosby Licensed

    I hear that steve, 2 weeks of practice just to get a decent result if you're lucky, it's hard without the full manpower of a real F1 team.
  8. Steve Crossland

    Steve Crossland Licensed

    actually I think the full length races haven't really beren as good for the racing as I imagined.
    And I felt our 2x shorter races from the first season was a better format to be honest - that way if you stuffed your first race then there was always the 2nd to gain back points...

    Perhaps we should drop back to the same race distance as the rest of Presto.
  9. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence Premium Licensed

    thanks for all the hard work steve , you done a great job as boss, and dave will be just as good , i also agree with the 2 shorter races that one long race just about kills me
  10. David Street

    David Street Licensed

    Well, what a race... I qualified ok in 4th, couldnt put a lap together and ended up 2 tenths of my PB and only .007 behind third so not too bad.

    The race started disaterously!!! I got a good jump from the line and closed very quickly to David Noden who had massive wheelspin, I moved to the inside for what should have been a very simple pass, but as I got along side he suddenly vered left (still spinning the wheels I think) and hit me into the wall and spun me into the path of the rest of the field. Luckily everyone managed to avoid me, but I had bad suspension damage. I considered trying to see how far I could continue with the damage, but after spinning in the hairpin, I decided to pit changed tires and fix the damage, I elected not to add any fuel and stay on my initial 2 stop (now 3) strategy.

    Once I rejoined, I was almost a lap down on the leaders, and around 50 sec down on the car infront. I tried to push on, looking after the tires as much as I could, since rear tire wear in the practice race was a big issue for me. I was closing nicely on the cars infront, but knew it would take some missfortune to them for me to make up any positions. I had inherited 6th by the time I got to my first scheduled stop, due to a couple DNF's and found myself alot closer to the guys infront.

    On lap 33, Mitchell Chapman had a half spin which allowed me to close right in. A lap later at the end of the straight, I hit my brake marker as normal, but closed very quickly to the back of Mitchell, I dove to the inside, mostly to avoid a collision with my team boss, an managed to pull it up on the apex. Since I had locked the brakes, my exit speed was slow, and Mitchell moved up the inside of me, but moved over to the racing line before he had cleared me, clipped my front wheel and spun me into the wall. Luckily the damage was minor and I was able to continue. Mitchell pitted a couple laps later which out on my own again. I spent a brief time up in third due to pitstops, and after my final stop, I was 4th with a 30sec gap to third. I was catching Frank in third quite quickly, at over a 1.5 seconds a lap and thought I was a chance to catch him. I made a couple of silly mistakes due to pushing quite hard, and resulted in me spinning. I got to within 7 seconds of Frank, before spinning again, and then realised there would not be enough laps to catch him, so settled for 4th.

    Am fairly happy with 4th, considering the way the first lap panned out. Maybe 2nd would have been possible, had I got through the first lap, but I think Christian was simply untouchable here, had amazing pace here. Well done Guys.
  11. Steve Crossland

    Steve Crossland Licensed

    Hi Guys,

    I have one incident that I'm going to review.
    Still waiting for the Replay to be posted to the Presto Auto-Updater.

    If you have any you would like me to look at please let me know.
  12. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall Licensed

    It's there Steve, downloaded it and our Euro league ones earlier today.
  13. David Noden

    David Noden Licensed

    FPPS Round 9 Valencia Practice Races

    Last practice races for the season

    Details are as follows, POST UP if you're able to attend, we're not limited to 10 drivers its just to show roughly who is going to turn up..

    Date: Saturday 5th December (21:30PM GMT)
    Time: Qual 8:30AM AEST, 10:30AM NZ and 21:30PM GMT
    Format: 57 Lap race (Qual - 30 mins, Warmup - 10 mins)
    Weather: standard
    Server: PrestoGP Valencia Pracitce Race
    Password: normal PrestoGP server password, either check PrestoGP.com or PM myself or Steve if unsure of password.

    1. David Noden

    Date: Wednesday 8th December (8:30AM GMT)
    Time: Qual 7:30PM AEST, 9:30PM NZ and 8:30AM GMT
    Format: 57 Lap race (Qual - 30 mins, Warmup - 10 mins)
    Weather: standard
    Server: PrestoGP Valencia Pracitce Race
    Password: normal PrestoGP server password, either check PrestoGP.com or PM myself or Steve if unsure of password.

    1. David Noden

  14. David McCradic

    David McCradic Licensed

  15. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa PrestoGP Veteran Premium Licensed

    sorry guys I finish my race on kurbs and wheels dont touch the track cooked the engine with 1st and reverse gear.
    Thanks for the race David N . I suppose that Steve is Winners congratulation and well done all finishers:)

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  16. Steve Crossland

    Steve Crossland Licensed

    I was half awake after a Huge weekend of gigs (5 in 4 days) and a steam message popped up just as I was entering a Nordschliefe server for a bit of fun.
    'Twas David asking if I was joining in for the fun race - I said 'Sure' and jumped in.
    I'd done a handful of laps there & had a pretty good, stable setup & so I was interested in seeing what strategy to use. The Presto server was set to 67 laps instead of 57 so I decided to run with plenty of fuel & hard tyres. I out in a good qual lap & was up front, then the start was great & I was at the front before I knew it...

    Race was pretty easy & just kept it off the walls while everyone else seemed to find them.

    Not sure as to what tyres etc to use for the real race but I'm sure wednesday night race will give more of an idea.
  17. David Noden

    David Noden Licensed

    FPPS Season 4 - Round 9 Valencia - December 11th/12th 2010

    Welcome to the final round of Season 4 for the Pacific Series, after 8 rounds its come down to 2 drivers - Christian Ramlow (119pts) and David Noden (101pts) battling it out for the drivers championship. Also the battle to take the final championship position in 3rd is very close between Gaetano Zizzo (80pts) and Frank Rosenbauer (76pts) along with other mini battles for championship rankings.

    Good luck to all for this final race and let the best driver win.

    Thank you to all who have put the effort in turning up week after week and to those that could make as many races as they could, its been a great season and hopefully we can have an even better season in the new year!!

    Race Date: December 11th/12th, 2010
    Location: Valencia Street
    Server Name: PrestoGP FPPS Valencia Race
    Race Distance: 57 Laps
    Weather: standard conditions
    Password: check PrestoGP website

    Here are the times. I am putting them as at GMT.
    I'm sure you can all work out what time zone you live in :)

    Practice, 2 hrs - 21.30 GMT
    Qualy, 30mins - 23.30 GMT (not superpole, normal Qual session)
    Warmup, 10 mins
    Race Start, 00.10 GMT

    We always run a practice start about 5 mins before heading into the first qualifying session.


    Team Underdog - McLaren
    1 Chris Hendrich - Team Owner
    2 Bob Luneski
    3 Leif Davidsen

    Spygate Racing - Ferrari
    4 Mitchell Chapman - Team Owner
    5 David Street - No
    6 David Noden

    Petronas F1 - BMW
    7 Ivan Mills - Team Owner
    8 Brendan Crosby
    9 Mark Brunner

    Aqua Vista Racing - Spyker
    Joe Isaac & Anthony Ishak - Team owners
    10 Steve Crossland - - FPPS Team Manager
    11 Noel Spence
    12 Lutz Dassler - No

    Water Blue Racing - Honda
    Giorgos Davakos Team Owner
    13 Danny Asbury - FPPS Team Manager
    14 Gaetano Zizzo

    Duff Beer GP - Spyker
    15 Frank Rosenbauer - Team Owner - No
    16 Ray Meier - No
    17 Sebastian Diekmann - No

    Panther Racing -
    18 Mitchell Smith - Team Owner
    19 David McCradic
    20 Christian Ramlow

    Team Owners please confirm your drivers
  18. Christian Ramlow

    Christian Ramlow Licensed

  19. Steve Crossland

    Steve Crossland Licensed

    Myself & Noel are both confirmed. I haven't seen Lutz for a while now so I'm not sure what's happened to him. I may bring in a spare for extra Aqua Vista reinforcement.
  20. Steve Crossland

    Steve Crossland Licensed

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