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Formula One Championship Edition

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Bram, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  2. Was a launch title for the PS3, covering the 2006 season if I'm right. I've played this one on the demostands in the shops. Great visual performance, but I must say that it's a bit too arcadish for me. :)
  3. shame codemasters have it now
  4. i think its good codemasters have it. means everyone can play F1 games without having a PS3 =p
  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    is it only good graphics version of f1 2006 for ps2?
  6. well, I think zo sad555... But it are very improved graphics then :)

    Codemasters have the license of the F1 championship and tbh, I think it's a good thingy. If you ever played GRiD, then you know that the Codies are very good in making racing games (or take a look a Colin McRae DiRT). They always can find a great middle in Arcade and Sim racing.
  7. F1CE is the best racing game I ever owned. :)

    Fantastic sense of speed,
    great difficulty,
    great AI,
    enough setup options to keep me busy but not a full on jungle,
    sufficient damage modelling (it's about racing not crashing up all the time),
    many modes of play,
    small but important improvements from PS2 F1 2006

    AND its console which means it always just works. No PC glitching, pathing and error resolving with hours of looking for solutions on the net. One should not underestimate the pickup 'n play factor I've found.
  8. Yes its a great game, very nice wet weather visuals too! I found I had to play it with a steering wheel to get the best out of it. While it may not be as full on sim as some PC F1 titles I nearly gave it a miss thinking it was more an arcade game but I'm glad I eventually picked it up. I was dissapointed at first when I heard Codemasters had got the license but I'll wait and see what they can deliver but it won't be easy to top what Studio Liverpool did with F1 CE
  9. I completely agree with all you wrote Revvin. The funny thing is that I never seize to hear about the cool raineffects (and I agree that they are awsome) but hardly anyone actually ever seem to race in the wet. Most people think the AI is too hard in the wet but I'm unsure because nobody seem to practice in wet and make settings accordingly either. I'm running a 100% racedistance career on hard with MF1 and at Sepang it started to rain first lightly and then heavily. Everyone passed me since my settings were done for dry but after a couple of laps I settled in with the conditions although the ones ahead still increased the gap. Then it started raining hard and suddenly they were not doing so well anymore. Maybe they were on intermediates, I don't know, but it was one of the coolest feelings to slowly eat up that 12-15 seconds and after some consistent laps and with massive spray in my face overtake Ide on the straight :)
    I recommend it! Starting up a race in heavy rain is crazy however. Did that once and I just laughed out loud and though "what the hell is this, this is insane, I can't see ****!" :lol:
    Anyway I hope Codies do a great job, it takes work to top F1CE, but it would be cool if they did.
  10. I have it but can't find any servers. Is anyone still playing it online?
  11. Jev


    too bad this game does not have FFB out of the box... it needed a patch of which is no longer available now.
  12. Mine has FFB but as you say, I have the patch.
    Are you on the US or EU part of the globe?
    I wish there was a way to distribute these patches on a memory stick or DVD.
  13. US servers shut down 1 May this year. European servers are active as far as I understand. Those americans that liked F1 enough got the PAL version instead since it is area free and continued playing online that way.
  14. Jev


    yes really do hope so... it would be great to just dl to a stick and have it installed...

    i have a region 3 F1CE and within the Asia part ;-) no patch for me ;-(
  15. Can different regions play together? For instance I'm using the EU/UK version so could I play with people using the US or Asia versions?
  16. I think you can play from any region as long as you have an EU account.

    I will set up a game on Monday 5th April as a trial if anyone is interested.

    It will be at 7.00 PM in Melbourne.
    10.00AM in London

    EU Universe - Server
    Copse - Channel
    RD - Race
    Password - RDME

    We will be racing Malaysia 10 laps with Qualification, Medium difficulty.
    Qualifying will start at 7.05 PM Melbourne time.
    You can join late if you need to.

    This is just a trial to see how it goes & to gauge interest.
    We can adjust settings to fine tune things for future races.

    My PSN is ennisfargis

    See you there?
  17. Well that didn't really work out as no one else turned up.
    To be fair i didn't give much notice.

    If anyone is interested in racing online with F1CE please post here & we can work something out.
    Otherwise I'll just play with myself :tongue:
  18. Sorry mate but at 10:00am on a day off my mind is far from racing :)
  19. Finally caved in today and got a PS3 just for this game! (well and GT5). Played my F1-2006 (PS2) to death, scratched to hell just from playing/spinning round in tray all the time.
  20. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    IMO it's a bad game to get a PS3 for.

    At least you will be set for GT5 :)