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formula one 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by gampla, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. just a random question what you like to see in f1 2012 game?
  2. A game without bugs.
  3. There's no such thing.
  4. i ment what add on for arguement sacks design a steering wheel to use in car
  5. I'd like to see a damage model which gives full realism. It's a shame because you can get away with too much at the moment
  6. This. I can imagine it would be really frustrating but it would be a great additional option for those of us who fancy the challenge. That way the current damage model can stay in.
  7. On PC you can mod it easily to taste. Still, your back wing is indestructible, but for most of the crashes the front is what matters, so IMHO the situation is not that bad.

    The AI, on the other hand, is quite more difficult to mod, and needs to improve a lot. I would be glad to see:

    - Difficulty _slider_, not 4 very badly spaced levels.
    - Proper homogeneous speed of AI on every corner.
    - Simulated times of cars not in view, or better tuning of the fake times. I mean, it cannot be that hard to, for example, simulate all the time the P1 car (or P2 if P1 is the player) and reescale the others proportionally, avoiding qualification times in the middle of a race with worn tyres.

    And, finally, decent game saving mechanism (seriously, how hard can writing/reading a file be?), possibly even ditch GFWL completely.
  8. an AI that works. the f1 2011 AI is a disaster.

    the pit exit line.

    real times.

    No bugs

    laser scanned tracks

    old tracks DLC

    dedicated servers like rfactor

    same pitstop times online for every driver

    manuel pitstops

    voice communication with the crew. for example tyre change.

    more setup variables

    warm up round ( einführungsrunde in german^^)

    spectator mode

    fuel management for race

    no games for windows live. **** programm

    a game that starts faster.

    better graphic. high res textures

    reallife helmets

    a littlebit more difficult handling than 2011. braking for example. thats a bit to easy

    curbs that destroys the suspension like massa in india.

    much better force feedback

    reallife replay cameras.

    adjustable cockpit cam ( seat )

    helmet editor

    timetrial without super grip

    saved setups in files ---> backups.

    changeable brakebalance while driving, differntial settings also. kers loading power also

  9. Is that it? Take your time, think about it.
  10. im guessing you play on pc
  11. Formation lap, better replays, manual pit controls + manual controls behind safety car, helmet editor, more paddock action in career, damage model (but I know about licensing, and currently Codemasters CAN'T do real damage... Teams didn't agree to wreck their cars in game. Shame about F1 teams, not about Codemasters).

    To be honest, game is already good to me, I really enjoy it.

    I would love to see game like F1 1987 or something like that... Maybe rF2 :)

  12. yes, this exactly. nothing more and nothing less will be tolerated this time, ha ha yeah right. i hope half of those ideas make it in.
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Why request this all when there is already a F1 game out on the market that does this all for you: www.racedepartment.com/game-stock-car/ for under 30 dollars :)
  14. As a lowly PS3 player and a noob at that, I would like to see:

    Ability to interact on team radio for pits (like f1 2010)
    More range in the AI (the difference between is quite vast)
    Defo more DLC for those of us on consoles, perhaps the option to custom our helmets or have real life copies and DLC to update team and track sponsors
    Able to put your own name on the car or clothing
    Would adding the formation lap make it better i don't know but i wouldn't mind doing that too
    Oh and more post race interaction i.e able to do your own celebration an interviews maybe a bit of podium jumping

    god i'd hate to be a game developer lol we are a demanding lot eh!
  15. I would like to seen at least a better suspention damage model in the game(not archived with mods because I am a PS3 gamer). second of all the addition of the formation lap would add more tention before the start of the race. and third 24 player races online with teammates and all. of course they will have the get the things right they got wrong in 2011 but that isn't what thread is about, is it
  16. Lots of great ideas mentioned here and obviously the most important improvements would be race-related like AI drivers who don't park on the apex.

    That being said, I'd also like to see more cosmetic improvements. For one, I'd like to be able to edit the appearance of my own driver in career mode. I think my career driver is basically Heikki Kovaleinen. And more cinematic bits without the helmet on would be nice. Possibly national anthems on the podium after the race. And why does my career driver have a Brazilian flag flag on his uniform? Surely that can't be difficult to fix.

    And more importantly I'd like to be able to analyse my races more afterwards. I'd like to be able to see all my laptimes and those of the AI. In the replays I'd also like to view the race from the perspective of AI drivers. I often see at the end of the race that a driver trailing me for ages has suddenly ended up 45 seconds behind me when I look at the race results. I'd like to view the replay from his perspective to see if he crashed or something. Speaking of which, I'd like to see the AI making more driver errors (depending on the AI driver. Maybe Massa finds himself off the track more than Vettel for example) and more variability in their lap times.
  17. Suspension damage

    spectator mode

    ai crashing

    steering and handling like in rfactor

    more damage to the car
  18. First off I love F1 2011.

    For next year I'd like there to be more sortable filters for online play so that if I'm using a gamepad I can choose to play against other people using a gamepad and not have to play against wheel users if I don't want to. This would make online play more balanced and fair in my opinion.

    I think it would be fun to have optional commentary by a real F1 TV crew in career mode. Optional meaning you can turn it off if you don't want it. I'm used to the Speed Channel crew but I'm certain that there are great race callers in the U.K. that could be put to use. I think it would add to the excitement of the game especially when playing 100% races.
  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    A replay system. The current offering is pretty awful. Include the ability to se the race from other cars in single player mode not just your own.

    Another improvement to the AI (it is better than it was but the ridiculous sight of cars waiting behind you at times is not what I want to see).

    Telemetry and more post race information for example other drivers lap times, ability to go back and see the results from each race, etc.

    In car brake bias adjustments.

    That'll do from me for now. I do love the game in its current form but do think some of the above should have been in this years game (improved replay for definite).
  20. 1. An awarding ceremony perhaps after each race. That would look cool..
    2. A test lap with the safety car right before the start of the race.
    3. A replay after the race that shows the position of the player as well as the AI.
    4. A feature/button to switch to another car in the replay after the race. (This is a very cool feature)