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Formula One 2010 (Codemasters)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Bram, May 9, 2008.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    As seen on autosport.com - F1 News: New computer game deal for F1:

    Formula One is to have its first official computer game in more than two years next season following the capture of a new official licencing deal with British gaming company Codemasters, autosport.com can reveal.
    With Sony having published the most recent official F1 game last summer, based on the 2006 season and available only on PlayStation consoles, Codemasters' deal will see F1 return to a multiformat platform for the first time in many years.
    The game is set to be available on all major home consoles, as well as handheld and PC gaming formats.
    After weeks of discussion between Codemasters and Formula One Administration, it is anticipated that the company will produce the first game next year, based on the 2009 F1 season. This will be the first game that Lewis Hamilton will appear in.
    Rod Cousens, chief executive officers of Codemasters, said: "Formula One is ambitious in expanding its reach with more circuits planned beyond recent additions in the Middle East and China. It is also ambitious in expanding its reach via technology.
    "The digital communities that computer and video gaming creates will play a key role in further growing the F1 audience and connecting them globally.
    "As a world-leading creator of driving games, this alliance with F1 is the jewel in Codemasters' racing crown and creates an undisputed segment champion."
    Chris Deering, chairman of Codemasters, added: "Codemasters' success and recent innovations in the racing game space makes the company more than appropriately tuned for the challenge.
    "The combination of F1's new momentum of expansion and Codemasters' contemporary technology and past experience is the breaking of a new dawn for the sport, on the track and on the HD game screen."
    Codemasters Studios has already begun preparations for the major task of creating the new game, by strengthening their team with personnel from the now defunct Sega Racing Studio.
    There are 350 people working on the project, which will be based on the EGO Engine that Codemasters has put to good use on the Colin McRae: DIRT and soon-to-be-released Race Driver: GRID titles.
  2. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Interesting. Its just a shame a sim developer didnt get the licence :) You never know tho, They may suprise us all.
  3. Hmm interesting, lets hope they make the effort to make it more sim heavy than the race driver series (which are fun but sim lite - something that doesnt suit F1 games).

  4. Very interesting...hope its not ARCADE :D

    Nice to have F1 back on a PC again,lets hope for the best !!!

    Don't forget my lovely links/guide...its all about Codemasters
    Page 20 CMR - Guide

    Nice weekend all...see others tonight MINI race :bike:

    Hans ;)
  5. Codemasters and simulator is not really the same meaning....
  6. I really doubt that Codemasters will have success with this. They did DTM Race Driver and an Indy Series some years ago. Those games were just games and nothing else. So I guess this will just be an Arcade Game only like Sony with its F1 license!

    I know I do sound pessimistic but face the fact:

    When did we get our hands on an official F1 Sim? I remember F1 99-02 from EA Sports which is based on an old ISI based technology. After that Sony made lots of money with their Arcade F1 crap over years. It is mainly so that you can get most profit out of it, if games are just games, meaning arcadish and that´s fun. Just the fun factor counts. For the "small" majority of Simracers, i think we´re more dependant of rFactor F1 mods and even those are just that: Mods!

    I do hope Codemasters does not forget us Simracers because i´m looking for years after a good F1 Sim and the best i´ve enjoyed was F1 99-02.

    Fingers crossed then :)

    I fully agree!
  7. If it isn't a sim, we shouldn't buy it, and we have to wait for a better company to make a sim for it.
  8. Nice story...and I agree Sascha :thumb:

    I have the same feeling with DTM...I love to watch it, would be great if someone could be bring out a real sim of this !!!!
    It sure is time to have a real F1 sim again, based of the rules of today.

    Hans ;)
  9. This news isn't that bad

    What I found interesting about the article is what it did not say. There was no mention of exclusivity. In other words there no reason why another company cannot come along and buy a 2010 license or whatever. Maybe we should lobby SimBin to have a go at it.

  10. Here here!
    I agree :)

  11. better a codemasters F1 then none F1
  12. The last decent F1 game I played (imho) was F1 97 on the PS1

  13. Hmm.. I don't like CodeM that much anymore... Tested the GRID Demo, and I have to say, realism is a far from their bed show... :(

    CodeM and Sim just don't fit... It's been since TOCA 2 that there was a real sim of CodeM...
  14. Yeah I agree Sven, the Race Driver series is fun but too Sim Lite at times but its good to let your hair down after a busy day.
    But Codemasters customer service is pretty disgraceful to be fair, just take a look at the RD3 tech support forum and its obvious nobody is getting any help for any problems.

  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    In basic i agree with CM not beeing sim enough, but on the other hand, if their games sucked as hard i we judge it nobody would buy them. So they must do something right don't they :)

    I think we became too much simmers over the years. But the majority of the gamers still swears with arcadish games.
  16. I don't mind Codemasters concentrating on mass market, semi arcade, console based games to make their money.
    However, the downside is that they tie up a complete racing series with exclusive licences and prevent the simulation developers giving us a high quality version.
    Classic example, Aussie V8 Supercars, and we can't even get addon Australian tracks for Race 07 , because of Codemasters licences.
  17. Warren baby, you seemed so sad because of no aussie tracks, so i decided to mod one for you. I am still working on the 3D rendering :)

  18. Woohoo!
    Just sort out the elevations and your almost complete. This will be the most popular track in the Racing Club. :thumb::D:D
  19. Haha..
    I don't like "GAME" from Codemaster. I want "SIM"
    I think Simbin or ISI should make F1 sim.

    Warren, I made a track for you. :)(it's not aussie, it's asian):ll:

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  20. RaceDepartment modding team is forming as i see :D