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Formula masters @ macau Thursday 7 October 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Bjorn de Haas, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Mod: International Formula Master (Default)
    Track: Macau08
    Weather: Depends on real life weather that day click here to see the actual weather.

    Start Time: 19:00 GMT
    Practice: 30 minutes
    Qualification: Superpole 10 minutes
    Warmup: 5 minutes
    Race: 2 x 25 mins

    Most important RD golden rules:
    • Only sign up if you are sure you can participate.
    • Sign-ups can be refused by the race director.
    • No cutting in any sessions.
    • If you bump a driver, wait and give back his position
    • No chatting during Qualify or Race. Even sorry isn't needed. Do it after the qualify or race session.
    • No abusive language during any sessions.
    • Listen to the race director at all times.
    • If you feel harmed by an accident caused by a other driver, use the incident report. Send the Incident report to the race director through PM.
    • If you sign up for this race we expect you to be there before the qualify starts. If you are not present on the server, the racing staff will confirm the reserves.
    • 5 minutes before the qualify strats the grid is closed!
    • Sign-ups can be refused by the race director
    • Read and understand the RD rules! Click here
    If any of these rules are broken you will be removed from the server!

    You have to confirm the golden rules if you sign up for this event. The sign up format is:

    Drivername: your name
    I understand the Golden rules: YES

    If the racing staff don't see this in your sign up request, you won't see your name in the sign up list!

    We have a fresh, new way of reporting and punishing incidents in the Racing Club, using an infractions system - read more here

    You are actively encouraged to use this system - we like to keep driving standards high - so if you feel you were wronged in any way during an event simply send the event organiser a private message detailing the incident. Do not post reports/accusations in the thread itself - negativity and anger gets us nowhere.

    Click here to read the password and golden rules!

    All race results can be found here -> results
    1. Eric plimmer
    2. Darren Plesic
    3. Michal Szabo
    4. Martin Bulgin
    5. Neil tasker
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  2. Sign me up please Bjorn

    Drivername: Eric Plimmer
    I understand the Golden rules: YES
  3. Drivername: FRANS LINDEN
    I understand the Golden rules: YES
  4. guys i wont race in this one my pedals are again jamming and its really hard to race
  5. Drivername: Darren Plesic
    I understand the Golden rules: YES
  6. Please, sign me up, thanks :)

    Drivername: Michal Szabo
    I understand the Golden rules: YES
  7. Sorry Bjorn,
    but i have to sign OUT
  8. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    My G25 throttle pedal is messing about, I might try and swap the pots with the clutch, but sign me up please Bjorn
  9. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    Well this is looking lively isnt it, where is everyone nowadays ? maybe there are too many different events across to many platforms and everybody is spread thinly (if you know what I mean :D) just me thinking aloud.
  10. Drivername: neil tasker
    I understand the Golden rules: YES

    80% chance i will race,
  11. sorry going to pull from this one can get to grips with this track in the fmaster car, just end up getting in the way
  12. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    That leaves 4 of us, come on guys more sign ups
  13. Hmm, I expected more interest about this event...very nice combination of car and track :thumb:

    And one question, weather will be different in Race 1 and Race 2, or it will be the same in both races?
  14. Drivername: chris rigby
    I understand the Golden rules: YES
  15. Just been on there. Flooded track in practice - very tricky IMO
  16. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    Should be good fun then, there are a couple of us on the server at the mo and we might get another couple of sign ups yet.
  17. mates its gonna be flooded both races thunderstorms all day... man gotta love the macau weather:p anybody up for a cold beer?:p
  18. wow, thanks, that will be very interesting race :wink:
  19. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    Drivername: Anders Nilsson
    I understand the Golden rules: YES

    Put me up as a maybe plz
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