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Formula ks2 @ Road america - wednesday March 09th 2011

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bjorn de Haas, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Class: ks 2
    Track:Road america
    Weather: dry
    Practice: 15 minutes 20:00 gmt
    Qualification: 15 minutes
    Race: 2 x 15 laps
    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules
    1. Bjorn de Haas
    2. Daniel Ouff
    3. Senad Subasic (maybe)
    4. Captain Jack
    5. Kamran Choudhry
    6. Laurent "Commodore" Resende
    7. Daniel Lovett
    8. Bojan Pesic
    9. Steffen Lauge Sorensen
    10. Ulus Ulusalonur
    11. Martin Oconnor
    12. Manos Iatrou
    13. Abdul ahmed
    14. Ivan Oldano
    15. -
  2. Great track, I'm in. How about swapping the KS for the Ossella?
  3. I should be there :good:
  4. I'm in for this one. :)
  5. Ok for me Bjorn
  6. Count me in :) I have a free Wednesday due to no WTM so looking forward to it!
  7. I'll be there
  8. welcome guys, entry list updated :thumb:
  9. Im in too...
  10. Im in...
  11. The Pirates arrive to America:

  12. you really runs very well:tongue::tongue: your ship Captain! it will not be easy for us :drink::drink:!!!!!!!
  13. Merci, Laurent! Great track, it's a joy to practice here!
  14. Domagoj Lovrić

    Domagoj Lovrić
    Reiza Studios

    Please sign me up too!
  15. Martin Oconnor

    Martin Oconnor

    im in if thats ok
  16. absolutely yes mate, you're in :thumb:
    sign-up list updated, have fun guys
  17. the cosie lands in RD ;)

    Looking forward to this should be fun!
  18. I just load another server with this track and always get a very high ping, don't if is there any problem with the track.